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Revelations | Episode 6 of Baahubali: The Lost Legends (Season 2) Animation Series | Views and Reviews

It has been a while since we’ve last talked about Baahubali: The Lost Legends Season 2. It is definitely one of the nice options to go for while trying to beat the summer heat.

It the last episode we’ve talked about the efforts put in by Baahubali to save the life of Katappa and how Yamagni tried helping him. Let us move ahead in our quest to explore the fictional tales from the land of Mahishmati.

If you didn’t get a chance to read more about the previous episodes of this season, here are the quick links:

TV Serial : Baahubali – The Lost Legends
Season : Season 2
16 February, 2018
Episode # : 6
Episode Title : Revelations
Originally published : 16 February, 2018
Animation Directors : Deepak S. Jadhav, Ashwin Pande
Creative Director : Sanajeev Tamang
Based on : Bahubali, created by
Executive Producers : S. S. Rajamouli, Sharad Devrajan, Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni, Jeevan J. Kang, Narendra Deshpande, Ashwin Pande
Co-Producer : Arun Roshan Jacob
Story by : , , ,
Screenplay :
Original Music created by : Kaala Bhairava
Production companies: : Graphic India, Arka Mediaworks
Voice Artists : Viraj Adhav (Baahubali), Manoj Pandey (Bhallaladeva), Manini Mishra (Sivagami), Vinod Kulkarni (Pradhan Guru), Sonal Kaushal (Yamagni), Samay Thakkar (Katappa), Ghanshyam Shukla (Vaidya), and others…

Let us start by taking a bird’s eye view of the plot of this episode.

Book Plot:

While Katappa is still not recovering, the hopes of him getting cured is decreasing by each passing moment. Almost everyone is losing hope to have him back, but, Baahubali still hasn’t surrendered himself against such destiny. The dilemma of Yamagni is also getting stronger day by day. On one hand she wanted to do everything she can, in order to save Katappa, on the hand she is fearful about the fate of Mahishmati and its royal family, especially Katappa, Baahubali and Sivagami. She was well aware with the possible consequences the future take, based on her actions.

To make the situation clear, let us cross check the facts. She possessed the flower which can cure Katappa. At the same time, she knew that Pradhan Guru is everywhere, watching every move of everyone important. And, he made sure to let her know that if Katappa is cured then his (Katappa’s) death is inevitable. And it shall lead to even brutal consequences.

She however does what is least expected from her. Due to her love for Baahubali she went ahead the pour the juice of the flower in Katappa’s mouth. Initially it seemed like Katappa is not responding to this medicine, but, he is a strong fellow from within. Eventually his body started responding to the remedy and he started regaining his consciousness. The Rajvaidhya planted by Pradhan Guru came there to take the stock of the situation, before he can perform any adverse actions, Katappa shown his might and lead the Vaidya to his death.

Of course, he is not fully conscious yet, but, he is Katappa. Even in the trans like state, he can overpower a small group of warriors.

The message of Katappa’s rising health conveyed to the court of Sivagami devi and the messengers went ahead to convey this message to the princes. Both the princes, Baahubali and Bhallaladeva were at Gurukul, taking their war lessons from Pradhan Guru and performing the. Everyone there, reacted in his own way to the message conveying updated status of Katappa’s health. Pradhan Guru knew that his truth is now about to reveal! It is only the matter of time when he is exposed.

So, he decided to play offensive rather then being defensive. And, he attacked both Baahubali and Bhallaladeva altogether. And, no matter how powerful they both are, against Pradhan Guru, they are nothing. Pradhan Guru can kill them quite easily. And Pradhan Guru’s intentions are not different. He was almost about to kill them both with his might…

So, what will happen now? How can (if) the princes survive? What will be the fate of Mahishmati? If you think Katappa can come to save the princes, you need to know that he is still recovering from the deadly battle against the death itself. Well, you can watch the episode to know what could have happened.

Views and Reviews:

For any media, be it a TV Serial or a movie or something similar, the attribute which matter the most is, its content. If the content is not good, the visual delights or fantastic performances can do no marvel. For this episode, we can say that the makers chose good content to be executed. The script is written nicely and then it is executed in effective manner, making it a delightful experience to watch.

The dialogs are simple yet effective. The characters are explored quite nicely. Be it the dilemma of Yamagni or Sivagami’s reactions, each character and his/her emotions are given proper weightage. The episode justifies its title. Telling more than that will be spilling beans about the content and including all the spoilers.

The fight scenes are filmed really very well. The use of slow and fast motion at various stages, makes it quite convincing. The background music adds to the positives of the episode. Be it a war scene or an emotional one, the background music remains in sync.

The animators deserve the credit for visualising this marvel and bringing it to the canvas quite effectively. Be it the palace of Mahishmati or any other scene, the backgrounds and surroundings are created with utmost care and they are mesmerising. We wish that we could say the same for the animated characters as well. Being belonged to the Baahubali series, you expect visual splendours from this episode as well, which it doesn’t fulfil in terms of animated characters and especially their gestures. Though, the primary target audience for the makers could be the kids, but the animation requires a lot more to do. Viewers will surely be disappointed at the way the characters and their gestures are portrayed.

Of course, the voice over artists are the real heroes of the episode. Their work is tougher than that of actors in real films, as they have to act using their voice only. The expressions of animated characters are limited, so the voice of the actors and the background music are on their own to create an impact of the scene. We must say that all the voice over actors did their job brilliantly.


Overall a nice episode to watch. It moves the story a step ahead from where it is, including some of the key events. Don’t watch it with much expectations and you will be surprised.

Watch out for our views for the next episode of the second season.

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