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Episode 2 | Captain Vyom | Indian SuperHero Web Series | Views and Reviews

Let us continue our quest to explore Hindi TV Serial Captain Vyom, which is available as a web series on YouTube. When we decide to include any media in our review pipeline, in addition to various elements, we also consider the economic aspects as well. If the media is too costly and doesn’t deliver something expected from it, then, there is no point in going for it. Of course, time is the most precious resource we spent for any media, and, at the same time currency also is equally important.

We see that a large number of TV Serials ruling the prime time these days lack substance. Despite having tremendous potential in our literature, imagination, technical advancements, and whooping budget also, they are reduced just to be time fillers and emotional blackmailers. Remember the time, when India was just growing in terms of Information and Broadcasting and Technology and there was only one channel which was aired, DoorDarshan, and the variety of program it came up. Of course, it was not an easy task for makers then, but, they delivered it.

Captain Vyom is one of the Sci-Fi saga aired those days, and many people remembers it for the portrayal of the protagonist by Milind Soman, a good looking and charming model and a nice actor. The TV Serial was acted by many such actors including Kartika Rane, Tom Alter, Rahul Bose and Dino Morea to name a few.

TV Serial : Captain Vyom
Season : Season 1
Episode # : 2
Episode Title : Episode 2
Originally Aired : 1998
Producer : Deepa Sahi
Associate Producer : Anish Mehta
Executive Producer : Anil Tejani
Director : Ketan Mehta
Cosmos Maya Team : Vice president: Devdatta Potnis
C.O.O.:Ashish Thapar
Creative producer: Sohini Mitra
Digital Strategist:Amit Pandey
Digital Marketing Executives: Radhika Sarda, Gurneet Singh Anand, Bhavin Kanabar
Digital Remastering : Editing: Shailesh Kumar Gupta
Director’s Assistant: Kshitij Raj Shrivastava
Assistant Director (Digital): Debanik De
Production Manager: Apurva Dhal
Remastered C. G.: Debatman Som
Outsource Producer: Asif Khan
Sound Remastered: Parikshit Lalvani, Creative sound design studio
Sound Editor: Mohit Kachalia
Asst. Sound Editor: Vighnesh Bose
Mixing Engineer: Deben Deb
Dubbing Engineer: Gunjan
Voice Over Producer: Anita D’Costa
Screenplay :
Visualization : Mukesh Singh
Dialogues :
Storyboards : Shital Panikar,
Senior Animator : Biju D.
Graphics Coordinator : Sheetal Paknikar
Prosthetics & Special Makeup : Anil Premgrikar
Production controller : Nitin Chandrachur
Project co-ordinator : Lena Ganesh
Art director : Nitin Desai
: Rasool P
Action : Suresh Rao
Special effects co-ordinator : Sajid Vaid
Camera : Rafey Mahmood
Vishwanath Math
Music : Dinshah Sanjan
Animators : Ajay Naidu, Shibu Menon, Aditya Sharma, Joseph Verghese, Chintamani Vartak, Ashok, Prasad Satar, Vikas Sagla, Hubert Fernando, Ramesh Iyer
Assistant Directors : Mukul Rawat, Anup Panchal, Andy Tharane, Sanjay Sharma, Yugandhar V. V., Aditya Sharma, Deepak Tiwari
Associate producers : Natesh Rao, Ajdhar Patel, A. M. Sheik, Sabbir Sheik
Makeup artists : Hemant Ghote, Nittin Shitale, Dhanajoy Prajapati, Edwin
Costume Design : Allan Gill, Reza Shariffi, Priya Gupta, Shital Bhatia
Computer Graphics : Maya The Magic Shop
Starring : Milind Soman (Captain Vyom), Kartika Rane (Lieutenant Maya), Shrivallabh Vyas (Astro Guru), Jetto Sanjana (Surya), Tom Alter (Vishwapramukh – the world President), Madhu Sapre (Vish Kanya), Joy Fernandes (Gravito), Malvika Singh (Mohini), Ravi Khote (Kineto), Rahul Bose (Cronos), Rukee Dadachanji (Computo), Dipti Dutt (Diwalviya), Aditya Sharma (Tejang), Fardoon Bhujwala (Chalasur), Abhimanyu Raj Singh (Paras), Andy Tharane (Morpho), Dino Morea (Sonic Man),
Supporting Cast:
Suni Rege, Ashok Kumar Lath, Kishore Bhatt, Arun, Rama, Hemant Pandeya, Nithin Kulkarni, Eknath Kudam, Sanjay Panchal, Md. Tanveer, Vittal Ghothe, and others…

The biggest challenge for reviewing any TV Series is to include the main incidents explored and at the same time to not to include as many spoilers as possible. We simply cannot create a content farm by transcribing the entire episode, because, it is meaningless and cannot be considered as a review. So let us have a bird’s eye view of the content explored in this episode. As this episode carries forward the story from the point it left in the previous episode, you should read the details for the same in the below given article:
Introduction to Captain Vyom – a superhero web series

This Is Here In For You

Book Plot:

The episode reiterates the fact that things will/was never been easy for the superheroes also. Or rather we can say, the challenges faced by them and the way they overcome them, makes them superheroes.

Maya’s debut voyage to Mars was not easy and her spaceship was hit by a meteor. She, however, come strong out of the tragedy and by using her skills and presence of mind, she safely and securely landed to the target space station. Unknown to them all, the spaceship carried an unwanted entity also.

Maya’s meeting with Astro guru reveals a lot about her. Also, the meeting proves fruitful for the viewer also as they got to know about the arrangements and administration set up in the (fictional) future.

Maya took charge to the most secure prison of the galaxy and we are introduced to 12 criminals or super-villains kept prisoner there. The prison was almost unbreakable. Well, almost, because, there is no such thing as a perfect thing. And, if the prisoner(s) can get outside help, it is possible to break it anyway. It is true for any prison for the matter of fact.

The 12 criminals are:

  • Teja / Tejang – The keeper of light (Aditya Sharma)
  • Mohini – The hypnotist (Malvika Singh)
  • Paras – The alchemist (Abhimanyu Raj Singh)
  • Morpho – The shape-shifter (Andy Tharane)
  • Kineto – Master of telekinetic abilities (Ravi Khore)
  • Sonic – The Lord of soundwaves (Dino Morea)
  • Venom – The toxicologist (Madhu Sapre and Achint Kaur)
  • Chhalasur – The illusionist (Faredoon Bhoojwala)
  • Durgati – The biologist (Sushmita Mukherjee)
  • Computo – The cyborg (Rukee Dadachani)
  • Gravito – The gravity expert (Joy Fernandes)
  • Vikaal / Chronos – The space and time-traveler (Rahul Bose and Ken Philips)

Another important incident explored in this episode is the entry of the protagonist, Captain Vyom.

Views and Reviews:

In this episode, we are also introduced to wise and dynamic VishwaPramukh, which is played by Tom Alter quite convincingly. Milind Soman is flamboyant as Captain Vyom and we can expect charming and fantastic performances from him in the upcoming episodes. Kartika Rane is good. We must say that everyone tries performing up to the expectations.

We talked about the actors and their performances first, because they are the ones who makes alive the characters they are playing and we see them on the screen. The list of real heroes, however, include the people who work behind the camera as well.

I strongly believe that the script is the essential part of any media. Even the most stunning performances cannot save it if the core content is not good. The makers spend the right amount of resources in preparing a good and convincing script. For example, take a look at the names of characters, they spread from ancient Indian scriptures to elementary nouns to mythologies and modern linguistics.

The portrayal of character(s) is done in unbiased manners. The female and male characters are equally strong. They work as a team and no one is meant just to be an eye candy. Now, this is what you can call gender equality. Today, when seeing the portrayal of male/female characters and exploration of the concept of feminism and gender unbiasedness in the wrong manner, it is a delightful experience to see them in the right context.

The special effects are both positive and negative sides of the episode. The makers have tried hard to have fantastic special effects, expected in Sci-Fi TV Series like this. The voyage scenes and the outer world is explored quite convincingly and can be considered as a visual splendor to explore it on screen. At the same time, you will find some scenes like the characters driving the spaceship – inside the cabin scenes – amateurish.

Remastered audio and video are of really good quality. The background music requires a special mention. It multi-folds the impact of various scenes. The dialogs are simple and effective. We can right expect punchlines and sarcasm in the dialogs and we are not disappointed 🙂 .


Overall a TV Serial, you must not miss. It will prove a good watch for Kids especially during this summer vacation time.

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