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Captain Vyom | India’s SuperHero Web Series | Introduction

Do you have a flair for superhero fictions and SciFi fantasies? Did you grow up watching DoorDarshan? If the answers are yes then you might be well aware of a TV Serial named Captain Vyom.

Ketan Mehta, who is known for his films like Bhavni Bhavai (Gujarati film), Holi (1984), Mirch Masala, Sardar, Maya Memsab, Rang Rasiya and others; TV Serials like Mr. Yogi, found it very difficult to find a quality SFX/VFX studio in India when making Maya Membsab. In order to add desired special effects to the film, he needed to get his film’s print out of the country and this experience led him to establish his own SFX studio named Maya.

Ketan Mehta came up with a TV Show named Captain Vyom in 1998 where Milind Soman, Kartika Rane, and many other well-known actors played important roles. Needless to say that Maya Digital Studios is responsible for all the special effects in this TV Serial. It is worth to note that the name of the leading lady’s character is Maya as well.

It is worth to note that Kisna, Motu-Patlu, Tik Tak and Tale,… are some of the famous Kids special animation TV Shows created by Maya Digital Studios.

While I was searching for this TV serial on home entertainment media, I’ve found that it is not released on CD/DVD or Blu-Ray disc, but, rather it is available on YouTube officially to watch for free!

From today onwards we are starting a review series in which we will be providing you, our genuine and unbiased views and reviews for Captain Vyom episode wise. We will try to talk more about various aspects of the episode and a very little about the plot to keep the spoilers away, but some of them are unavoidable.

TV Serial : Captain Vyom
Season : Season 1
Episode # : 1
Episode Title : Episode 1
Originally Aired : 1998
Producer : Deepa Sahi
Associate Producer : Anish Mehta
Executive Producer : Anil Tejani
Director : Ketan Mehta
Cosmos Maya Team : Vice president: Devdatta Potnis
C.O.O.:Ashish Thapar
Creative producer: Sohini Mitra
Digital Strategist:Amit Pandey
Digital Marketing Executives: Radhika Sarda, Gurneet Singh Anand, Bhavin Kanabar
Digital Remastering : Editing: Shailesh Kumar Gupta
Director’s Assistant: Kshitij Raj Shrivastava
Assistant Director (Digital): Debanik De
Production Manager: Apurva Dhal
Remastered C. G.: Debatman Som
Outsource Producer: Asif Khan
Sound Remastered: Parikshit Lalvani, Creative sound design studio
Sound Editor: Mohit Kachalia
Asst. Sound Editor: Vighnesh Bose
Mixing Engineer: Deben Deb
Dubbing Engineer: Gunjan
Voice Over Producer: Anita D’Costa
Screenplay :
Visualization : Mukesh Singh
Dialogues :
Storyboards : Shital Panikar,
Senior Animator : Biju D.
Graphics Coordinator : Sheetal Paknikar
Prosthetics & Special Makeup : Anil Premgrikar
Production controller : Nitin Chandrachur
Project co-ordinator : Lena Ganesh
Art director : Nitin Desai
: Rasool P
Action : Suresh Rao
Special effects co-ordinator : Sajid Vaid
Camera : Rafey Mahmood
Vishwanath Math
Music : Dinshah Sanjan
Animators : Ajay Naidu, Shibu Menon, Aditya Sharma, Joseph Verghese, Chintamani Vartak, Ashok, Prasad Satar, Vikas Sagla, Hubert Fernando, Ramesh Iyer
Assistant Directors : Mukul Rawat, Anup Panchal, Andy Tharane, Sanjay Sharma, Yugandhar V. V., Aditya Sharma, Deepak Tiwari
Associate producers : Natesh Rao, Ajdhar Patel, A. M. Sheik, Sabbir Sheik
Makeup artists : Hemant Ghote, Nittin Shitale, Dhanajoy Prajapati, Edwin
Costume Design : Allan Gill, Reza Shariffi, Priya Gupta, Shital Bhatia
Computer Graphics : Maya The Magic Shop
Starring : Milind Soman (Captain Vyom), Kartika Rane (Lieutenant Maya), Shrivallabh Vyas (Astro Guru), Jetto Sanjana (Surya), Tom Alter (Vishwapramukh – the world President), Madhu Sapre (Vish Kanya), Joy Fernandes (Gravito), Malvika Singh (Mohini), Ravi Khote (Kineto), Rahul Bose (Cronos), Rukee Dadachanji (Computo), Dipti Dutt (Diwalviya), Aditya Sharma (Tejang), Fardoon Bhujwala (Chalasur), Abhimanyu Raj Singh (Paras), Andy Tharane (Morpho), Dino Morea (Sonic Man),
Supporting Cast:
Suni Rege, Ashok Kumar Lath, Kishore Bhatt, Arun, Rama, Hemant Pandeya, Nithin Kulkarni, Eknath Kudam, Sanjay Panchal, Md. Tanveer, Vittal Ghothe, and others…

So let us starts with the first episode.

This Is Here In For You

Book Plot:

We are introduced to the future.

It is the year 2123 and human beings are still survived on the other. They understood that they need to coexist with nature in order to survive. The earth is governed by the World government and the headquarter is located in Delhi. Human beings have conquered the solar system and have established space stations on various planets.

A spaceship is all set to begin its journey to Mars. Maya is traveling through it. As it was her first such voyage alone, her father was quite worried. Very strong otherwise, Maya’s father found some tears in his eyes when her daughter was leaving alone for her voyage.

The voyage to the Mars didn’t go smooth and the spaceship was hit by a maetor (Ulka). Unknown to everyone, a Prajeev entered the spaceship during this accident. The captain of the ship was injured and got unconscious. So, who will take charge of the ship? Maya had never controlled spaceship earlier. And landing on the Mars (if they survive) is one of the toughest tasks, even for experienced captains.

What will happen now?

Views and Reviews:

In terms of special effects we must say that the makers have tried hard to have convincing SFX, however, compared with the stuff available today after almost 20 years when the TV Serial was originally aired, they don’t look much convincing. There are some places where you can find SFX quite good but there are places where you find the things amateurish. For example, see the scene(s) where Maya is trying to control the spaceship, while the outer scenes are good, the scenes showing inside of the spaceship look fake.

The series was a kind of trendsetter and it has a right mixture of science and emotions. That is the positive attribute you would like to find in a good TV serial (or for that matter in any media). The makers have made Delhi the HQ of World government showing India on a positive note. An enthusiastic may like to compare the hand gloves gifted by Maya to a young kid with the (much more advanced) version of Alexa or Siri we are seeing today. So in terms of Sci-Fi, the TV show remain true to its genre.

Also, the way AstroGuru talks about the weaving of Astrology and Science is another example of such stuff. And, eventually, we will see the power of Yoga and Meditation explored in the TV Show, which is considered as in-thing these days.

The changing times are reflected in the episode quite interestingly and in authentic ways. See how the young kid calls AstroGuru. Isn’t it the growing influence of the western culture we see. And at the same time, the way Maya and other elders talks with Astro Guru reminds you of the ideal way of living where you respect the knowledge. Of course, the young kid is immature and is growing and may learn the things on the due course. And, he is sharing a special bond with the Astro Guru, as his positive attributes.

Another thing you will find fascinating is the way emotions are weaved through the technology. See how an intelligent scientist who is a brave astronaut feels when his own daughter is going for her first solo mission.

It is thus, much much better than what we see these days on the TeleVision in the name of entertainment.

In addition to the tight script and effective dialogs, the principal cast tries to deliver the convincing performance(s). The remastered video and audio qualities are much better.


Overall a TV Serial, you must not miss. It will prove a good watch for Kids specially during this summer vacation time.

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