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Hand Of God | Introduction to Amazon Original TV Series

While talking about The Man in the High Castle we have shared details about Amazon Original TV Series with you.

For those who have missed it, Amazon have introduced “Prime” to its USA users with a vision to provide them premium services. Amazon prime membership is a yearly subscription service. All the prime members are entitled with free fast shipping for order of any amount! They also get half an hour early access to lightening deals available on their website and app both.

In addition, Amazon entered into video streaming services with this project. You can compare it with NetFlix in that arena.

Eventually they got commercial success and went ahead to produce some of their original TV Series, which are exclusively available on Amazon only (obviously). After establishing themselves as a trusted E-Commerce store in India, they bought rights for many Indian movies and introduced the “Prime” membership in India also.

It allows users to watch some of the shows which are not available in India, online on Amazon. They offer one month FREE exploration of their services and then you can pay yearly subscription fee, if you like their services. To get more details about it you can visit amazon.in or can directly explore primevideo.in.

We have explored the services for a month and then renewed the subscription for a year, as we are satisfied with the services. If you buy things online frequently and if your list of E-Commerce stores include Amazon, you can surely want to give it a shot. Especially if you love watching Movies and TV Shows of different genre.

TV Serial : Hand of God
Genre : Drama, Psychological thriller
Created by : Ben Watkins
Written by :
Directed by : Marc Forster
# of Seasons : 1
# of Episodes : 10
Production companies : Universal Television, Alcon Television Group
Distributor : Amazon Studios,
Starring : Ron Perlman (Pernell Harris), Dana Delany (Crystal Harris), Andre Royo (Robert ‘Bobo’ Boston), Garret Dillahunt (KD), Alona Tal (Jocelyn Harris), Julian Morris (Paul Curtis), Emayatzy Corinealdi (Tessie Graham), Johnny Ferro (PJ Harris – Pernell Jr.), Elizabeth McLaughlin (Alicia Hopkins), and others…

Today we would like to introduce you with a TV Serial named Hand of God which is available for Amazon Prime members.


Hand of God texplores the story of a corrupt judge named Pernell Harris. There comes a point when he suffers a breakdown. He then start believing that it happened because of his wrongdoings and there is the “Hand Of God” in all these.

He then went ahead in his imagination and firmly believed that now he have to work as “Hand Of God” to bring actual justice and he should go for the vigilante justice.

Sounds interesting right? Though of course not the unique most idea, you will say!

There is one interesting thing you will like to read about this TV Series. Ben Watkins came with the idea of this TV Series and got the Pilot episode ready. The episode was then streamed online by Amazon in August 2014. The viewers were allowed to share their opinions about the episode and based on their response the studio was to take decision about whether to make a TV Series or not!

Official Trailer

List of Episodes – Hand of God – Season 1

The first season of Hand of God consists of 10 episode. Here is the list of them.

Title Director Written By Release Date
Pilot Marc Forster August 28, 2014
Your Inside Voice Marc Forster & September 4, 2015
Contemplating the Body Richard J. Lewis & September 4, 2015
He So Loved Sarah Pia Anderson & September 4, 2015
Welcome the Stranger Ernest R. Dickerson & September 4, 2015
For the Rain to Gather Andrew Bernstein & September 4, 2015
A Bird in Hand Peter Medak & & September 4, 2015
One Saved Message Mario Van Peebles & & September 4, 2015
A Flower That Bees Prefer Stephen Williams & September 4, 2015
The Tie That Binds Brad Anderson September 4, 2015

We will keep reviewing it episode wise and the list of episodes mentioned above will be updated with the episode review links, so you should bookmark this page :). So fasten your seat belts to know more about this TV Serial and find out whether it is worth to explore it.

If you have already watched some of the episodes (or all of them), you are welcome to share your experiences via comments below. And yes, share information about this TV serial with your friends and family members who you think will find it interesting to explore.

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