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The Man in the High Castle | Introduction to Amazon Original TV Series

What do you think about the following idea:
The World War II was ended quite differently. It was won by the Axis Powers! (You know this is a famous concept and there is an article on this hypothetical concept on Wikipedia – you can read it at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypothetical_Axis_victory_in_World_War_II). And now the United states is partitioned into 3 partsL

  1. Japanese Pacific States
  2. Nazi puppet state
  3. Neutral Zone

Seems interesting right? There are many people who often rekon about what if their lives have been moved ahead differently; and some extends the concept to historical events. Even in schools and colleges we used to write on hypothecial stuffs. “What if I would be the Prime Minister of India?”, we used to write esseys like that in primary school also. The idea behind was to let your imagination go ahead and explored the land of ideology. It also allow you to explore in on the base of morals and ethics.

American writer Philip K. Dick explored the alternate history concept and wrote a book named The Man in the High Castle where the World War II ended as mentioned above!

When Amazon have decided to having it’s own production (like NetFlix) of TV Series, they have tried exploring this novel in a TV Series of the same name – The Man in the High Castle.

This Amazon’s original (and exclusively available on Amazon only) TV Serial’s pilot episode was aired on January 15, 2015. It was most-watched since the original series development program began! It is later decided (February 18, 2015) to be a series of 10 episodes total. The rest of the nine episode was released on November 20, 2015.

The series was available on Amazon’s Prime Video website and was initially exclusive to USA. Recently Amazon India have decided to make it available in India in order to explore the Indian market. It is worth to note that NetFlix already have launched it’s India segment a while ago, and Amazon definitely wants to give it a tough competition.

Official Trailer: (Available only in US)

As of now Amazon Prime Video is available for free for one month and then INR 499 for a year. The yearly subscription is less than what NetFlix charges for a month in it’s cheapest plan in India.

You can join Amazon Prime Video by following: http://amzn.to/2hJ8c8E.

We are already subscribed to it and exploring our Free Trial period. As of now we are exploring many TV Serial and movies including -The Man in the High Castle.

TV Serial : The Man in the High Castle
Genre : Alternate history, Science fiction, Thriller
Created by : Frank Spotnitz
Based on : The Man in the High Castle,
Developed by : , ,
Executive Producers : Ridley Scott, Frank Spotnitz, Christian Baute, Isa Dick Hackett, Stewart Mackinnon, Christopher Tricarico
Producers : Michael Cedar, Jean Higgins, Jordan Sheehan, David W. Zucker
# of Seasons : 2
# of Episodes : 20
Music by : Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis
Editor : Kathrynn Himoff
Cinematography : James Hawkinson, Gonzalo Amat
Production companies : Amazon Studios, Scott Free Productions, Electric Shepherd Productions, Headline Pictures, Big Light Productions, Picrow, Reunion Pictures
Distributor : Amazon.com
Distributor : Amazon Video
Starring : Alexa Davalos (Juliana Crain), Rupert Evans (Frank Frink), Luke Kleintank (Joe Blake), DJ Qualls (Ed McCarthy), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Nobusuke Tagomi), Rufus Sewell (John Smith), Joel de la Fuente (Chief Inspector Takeshi Kido), Brennan Brown (Robert Childan), Callum Keith Rennie (Gary Connell), Bella Heathcote (Nicole Becker),
Carsten Norgaard (Rudolph Wegener), Rick Worthy (Lemuel “Lem” Washington), Camille Sullivan (Karen), Lee Shorten (Sergeant Hiroyuki Yoshida), Arnold Chun (Kotomichi), Hank Harris (Randall Becker), Christine Chatelain (Laura Crothers), Allan Havey (the Origami Man), Burn Gorman (the Marshal), Shaun Ross (the Shoe Shine Boy), Rob LaBelle (Carl), Geoffrey Blake (Jason Meyer), Louis Ozawa Changchien (Paul Kasoura), Tao Okamoto (Betty), Amy Okuda (Christine Tanaka), Hiro Kanagawa (Taishi Okamura), Stephen Root (Hawthorne Abendsen aka “The Man in the High Castle”), Sebastian Roché (Reichsminister Martin Heusmann),
Chelah Horsdal (Helen Smith), Quinn Lord (Thomas Smith), Gracyn Shinyei (Amy Smith),
Daniel Roebuck (Arnold Walker), Macall Gordon (Anne Crain Walker),
Ray Proscia (SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich), Wolf Muser (Adolf Hitler), Daisuke Tsui (Akihito), Mayumi Yoshida (Michiko),
and others…

Here is a comic-con trailer for this TV Series:

Official Comic-Con Trailer:

List of Episodes – The Man in the High Castle – Season 1

Title Director Written By Release Date
The New World David Semel January 15, 2015
Sunrise Daniel Percival October 23, 2015
The Illustrated Woman Ken Olin and November 20, 2015
Revelations Michael Rymer and November 20, 2015
The New Normal Bryan Spicer November 20, 2015
Three Monkeys Nelson McCormick November 20, 2015
Truth Brad Anderson November 20, 2015
End of the World Karyn Kusama November 20, 2015
Kindness Michael Slovis November 20, 2015
A Way Out Daniel Percival November 20, 2015

List of Episodes – The Man in the High Castle – Season 2

Title Director Written By Release Date
The Tiger’s Cave Daniel Percival December 16, 2016
The Road Less Traveled Colin Bucksey December 16, 2016
Travelers Daniel Sackheim December 16, 2016
Escalation David Petrarca December 16, 2016
Duck and Cover TBA December 16, 2016
Kintsugi TBA December 16, 2016
Land O’ Smiles TBA December 16, 2016
Loose Lips TBA December 16, 2016
Detonation TBA December 16, 2016
Fallout TBA December 16, 2016

We will keep reviewing it episode wise and the list of episodes mentioned above will be updated with the episode review links, so you should bookmark this page :). So fasten your seat belts to know more about this TV Serial and find out whether it is worth to explore it.

If you have already watched some of the episodes (or all of them), you are welcome to share your experiences via comments below. And yes, share information about this TV serial with your friends and family members who you think will find it interesting to explore.

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