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Fauji | Episode 5 Reviews | Hindi TV Serial On DVD

Episode #5 of Hindi TV Serial – Fauji – is titled as – Savdhan (Be Alert). This episode explores the sacrifice of Havaldar Kalyan Singh, Vikram’s visit to Kalyan Singh’s family, Commando training schedule and an emotional segment.

TV Serial :
Producer : Colonel Raj Kapoor
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Writer :
Director : Colonel Raj Kapoor
Editor : Milin Kapoor
Starring : Rakesh Sharma, Aamina S. Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Manjula Avatar, Vikram Chopra, Gautam Bhradwaj, Vishwajeet Pradhan, A. Kannan, Sonal Dabral, Nikhil Dewan, Ranbir Singh, Sanjay Mittal, Narendra Ardhawa, Kamati Anwar, Ajay Gehan, Sanjay Taneja, Anupama Sahni, and others…
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In last episode we got to know about the bravery of Havaldar Kalyan Singh. A brave and patriot soldier, who was even better as human being. His bravery during the operation was definitely remarkable. But we got to know it in this episode that what exactly he does which made Major Vikram aka Vicky fond of and indebted to him forever.

When insisted by Kiran that he should have to visit Kalyan Singh’s family at least once; Vicky reveals that he have visited them already. After being discharged from the hospital it was the first thing he did.

During his visit to Kalyan Singh’s family, we got to see a real patriot family. In Punjab you got to see a large number of such families where sometimes more than one family members serve the armed forces. Sometimes even more than one family members do serve in the army simultaneously from the same family. Such families take pride in serving for the country. They do not regret even the deaths on the duty but consider it as a moment of pride. It is a very rare feeling and over the top human quality. We salute the soldiers and their family members having such great emotions for the motherland.

The entire scene of Vikram’s visit to Kalyan Singh’s family is fantastic. All the actors are convincing here. (Damayanti Puri, Pooja Puri, Gurbaksh Singh, Gurvinder Singh, GurSimran Singh are the guest actors in this episode.) Also pay attention on the fact that Kalyan Singh’s father saying same words which Kalyan Singh spoke to Vikram!

Here Major Narayanan called Dev to inquire about the Saturday night! Yes, he got to know that there was a lady slept in Dev and Peter’s room that night! Will Dev tell the truth? Will it be dangerous for the career of Dev and Peter? Major then calls Peter to inquire about the same incident and asked the same questions to him as well. Only one answer was different by both Dev and Peter! Dev was worried about his grade and Peter about his career. Major Narayanan didn’t give a chance to explain the things to anyone of them though!

The next day during the commando training session the trainees was taught about how to reach to the guard of the door and kill him silently. Number of ways were taught for the same. One of them was to use the knife effectively. It thus allows one to silence the enemy from the distance.

They don’t find Peter during the session though. Dev was missing him so much. As they both were land into a fight a while ago, it was hurting him more. Well, Dev was also not wrong when he landed into fight with Peter, as it was very important for him to finish the training successfully. It is worth to note that there was another love story of Kishor and the shopkeeper’s daughter was going on, which was facing hurdles.

Overall, this was so far, the best episode of the TV serial in almost all aspects. It has good acting performances (mostly), great scenes and emotional aspects are explored well too. The background music is fantastic. The DVD quality is also good. Of course, you will surely think of the special effects and other technical aspects are below expectations, based on what technology is available now a days and what we see in High Definition videos.

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