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Fauji | Episode 4 Reviews | Hindi TV Serial On DVD

Episode #4 of Hindi TV Serial – Fauji – is intended to explore some possible love stories! The director tries to put some Hindi film charm in the same but some poor acting is also there.

TV Serial :
Producer : Colonel Raj Kapoor
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Writer :
Director : Colonel Raj Kapoor
Editor : Milin Kapoor
Starring : Rakesh Sharma, Aamina S. Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Manjula Avatar, Vikram Chopra, Gautam Bhradwaj, Vishwajeet Pradhan, A. Kannan, Sonal Dabral, Nikhil Dewan, Ranbir Singh, Sanjay Mittal, Narendra Ardhawa, Kamati Anwar, Ajay Gehan, Sanjay Taneja, Anupama Sahni, and others…
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This episode starts with a party, a time when the soldiers and officer, trainees and and their coach all can get relaxed and enjoy the life like civilian. The dance party was running fine till a lady called Cynthia enters. We gotta know that she is Peter’s wife!

Now the problem is all the commando trainees allocated bachelor’s accommodation and hence shares his room with his buddy. Peter’s marital status was updated to others, so he was also sharing his room with his buddy Dev. Now where can Cynthia stay at night? As Dev do not want to leave Peter alone at night, as he is his buddy:) Well, the problem was solved, easily.

They all are worried though that if the stuff is declared as Cynthia is staying there with Peter, and Dev is arranging some stuff, it can not only hurt both their grades but can result into court-martial for Peter! The scene should irk a smile but not a laughter. Almost all the actors fail impressing the viewer here.

The other lover body – Lt. Abhimanyu Rai aka Abhi is also determined to express her feelings. He hence pays a visit to Madhu (Captain Madhu Rathor). This entire scene tries hard to make us laugh but fails to do so, convincingly. Actually now Madhu’s serious persona is a little changed toward happy-go-lucky guy Abhi. SharRukh tries showing emotions properly and success doing the same at a large extent but Manjula Avatar is not convincing.

The training section of this episode is focused on Demolition. It is not as easy as thought by a lot of people. The mixture of right amount of explosives is very much important, and it demands sharp calculations to calculate the same. If done properly it allows to conquer the target effectively.

However while teaching about explosives to demolish a bridge, Vikram gets emotional. It resulted into a very small meeting between both the brothers (Abhi and Vicky), it is a good scene to watch. It was followed by an encounter-cum-meeting between Vicky and Kiran as well. And we got to know the reason of Vicky’s mood-off. He remembers Havaldar Kalyan Singh and what happened with him! What happened with him? Well, it is something better to watch on screen. As it explores the human side of tough soldiers pretty well. Definitely it was about a mission.

Such missions are a routine for our soldiers. All the missions are so dangerous that there is no guarantee of life! When a commando leaves for a mission, he considers coming back only if he comes back! We often are not aware of such sacrifices made almost every day. When it is highlighted by the media we usually prey or observe silence of two minutes and lights a candle in their memory (that is also good, if done). We must not take such sacrifice for granted anyway. Soldiers are also humans like us and they do have family and friends as we do have. Their hearts also beat. Their emotions remain unsaid in a lot of cases. Kudos to the soldiers.

The actor playing Kalyan Singh performs well. The entire operation is filmed technically well and is convincing.

Overall an episode which have first half a little let down due to some poor acting, but the second half is a good watch.

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