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Detailed Reviews For Episode 7 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki Hindi TV Serial

Let us look at the episode 7 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki – Hindi TV Serial.

Now as Badrinath (fake one) and Chandilal both are arrested by ParamVeerSingh and his men. Both of them are in the prison of Chunargadh (Chunargarh) – i.e. the prison of Virendra Singh and Maharani Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta who met Chandilal personally brings a plan to King Virendra Singh. She suggests to not to hang Badrinath immediately but they should in stead try to get him back on their side. If they will kill Badrinath, they will definitely eliminate one of the opponents, but if they succeed in changing Chandilal’s loyalty in their favor, it will be more beneficial to them. The main reason is, by serving King Shiv Dutt for long, and being native of ChunarGadh, Badrinath knows a lot of facts about both King ShivDutt and Chunargadh. It will be kind of impossible to know those points which include weaknesses and vulnerabilities of both King ShivDutt and his kingdom. These information is very precious for them by all the means.

King Virendra Singh was convinced to the theory of Queen Chandrakanta, however he promised Chandrakanta to consider her point of view. He affirms her that Chandilal will not be killed until chandrakanta will let him do that. Virendra Singh was thinking that it is kind of impossible to change loyalties of a fellow like Badrinath, who is not only brave and good warrior but also a very dedicated and faithful fellow, who will always be loyal to who he was once, i.e. King Shiv Dutt only.

On the other end, Krur Singh was playing his own game. He met King Shiv Dutt personally and tried implant thoughts against Pundit Jagannath. He tried to elaborate the picture in the way, so that, it look like, it was wrong planning of Pundit Jagannath, which is responsible for the capture of a brave warrior like Badrinath, who is very important for both ShivGadh and ChunarGadh. On KrurSingh’s face king Shiv Dutt show that he solidly believe in the plans and loyalties of pt. Jagannath. Though, in his own mind, he gave it a second thought, and decided to meet pt. Jagannath. He in fact meets pt. Jagannath and demand an explanation. He also repeat his own intention to attack ChunarGadh as earlier as possible. But, Pt. Jagannath was disagree. He believes that the time is not right, neither the conditions. He also believes the Chandilal have not planned any trap for Badrinath, as Krur Singh suggest, and Chandi is all the way loyal to King Shiv Dutt, as of now. Pt. was really unhappy with the way, Shiv Dutt started believing in people like Krur Singh, who sees nothing else, but their own advantage. However, if Shiv Dutt believe KrurSingh, then there is no other way to change his belief, unless the truth comes in front of him.

The situation in the prison, for Chandilal is challenging, and he needs to find a way to get out from the same. Definitely he is declared a traitor for ChunarGadh and unless and until he somehow prove that he is still loyal to King Virendra Singh and Chunargadh (or any savior come and help him escape from the prison of ChunarGadh, which seems next to impossible); he cannot get out. He planned something in his mind to prove his loyalty to Chunargadh.

What are his plans? Will he try to make someone else victim of his plan, by declaring him as a traitor in stead of himself? What will be fate of fake Badrinath? Will his truth come in light ever? Is Chadrakanta doing right by trusting fake Badrinath? Will real Badrinath be able to save Chandi and help him escape from the unbreakable prison of Chunargadh? Will pundit Jagannath be able to realize Shiv Dutt about all the truths? Definitely there is a lot to watch for? The serial is able to irk the curiosity inside the viewer. But it is also the fact that some stuffs are not convincing. For example the act of Santosh Shukla (playing Virendra Singh) is not making us believe that he is the great warrior who conquered ChunarGadh by defeating a warrior like Shiv Dutt. Rajendra Gupta and Vinod Kapoor are convincing. Shikha Swaroop is not looking as good as she was in “chandrakanta” TV serial. The age play its role of course. However this tale is based on Chandrakanta Santati, so it is going to be focused on both the prince of Chandrakanta and Virendra Singh, rather then themselves, let us hope for the best is yet to come. The prison is not looking like a prison of those times. The set here must be like an old castle or something like that (because prisons those days were prepared from large stones – mostly black).

Here is the episode for you to watch and enjoy…

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