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Detailed Reviews For Episode 13 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki Hindi TV Serial

Let us move ahead in reviewing the Hindi TV Serial – Kahani Chandrakanta Ki. The tale of Chandrakanta is mesmerizing in the way written by Babu DevakiNandan Khatri. The Tilasm and Aaiyari as authored by him in the book was so fascinating. The books have for that reason, the high reading values even today. The books in the – Chandrakanta Santati – moves ahead with the Santai of Chandrakanta – means the next generation. It also explores the actual Tilasm and the hidden treasure, which was made safe for its true possessor. It eventually leads to the love story of Indrajit as well….

Well, let us concentrate here on what the episode 13 of Hindi TV serial – Kahani Chandrakanta Ki – have to offer us.

It takes with the fantastic title song in Vinod Rathore’s voice. The title song is probably the best part of this episode.

We see that the plan proposed by Chandilal irked mixed responses from the people living in the palace of ShivGadh. As king ShivDutt himself got fond of the plan because of his sole aim to win Chunargadh and defeat King Vendrasinh And Chandrakanta. Pt. Jagannath left Shivgadh against this unethical plan. Badrinath was thinking similar to Pt. Jagannath. However BhawaniSinh who is fond of ShivDutt, think if King himself is agree to execute the plan, no one should have any problem against it. And Chandi thinks that Bhavani is all under his influence at least for this matter.

His discussion with KrurSinh and his two aides was overheard by Bhavani, which was enough to make him angry. Chandi tries cool him down by making some stories. Bhavani was ready to handle the operation.

Prince Indrajitsinh and Anantsinh who were living with King Surendrasinh (Chandrakanta’s father) were found that a man-eater wild animal made people fearful in and around the Jungle area. Both them decided to handle situation by capturing the man eater. However Surendrasinh was not ready to let them do this dangerous task. How the things move ahead from that point, is the rest of the episode.

If to talk about performances, Raja Chaudhary fails creating effect of a deadly warrior. KrurSinh and his aides, well better to say little for them. They tries, but failed mainly due to their poor getup. Vinod Kapoor is one of the top performers. It must be said that the cloths and ornaments in such period dramas with larger than the life stuff integrated, plays a vital role, and the TV serial makers failed in having those done right. The kids playing the prince Indrajitsinh and Anantsinh are ok. The actor playing Chandrakanta’s father cannot create the impact, we had seen in – Chandrkanta TV serial – by Parikshit Sahni. Sangramsinh wears a modern body-tight T-Shirt! The background music is pretty nice.

If you can avoid this factors and interested in some entertainment drama with larger than the life stuff, this is surely a good watch for you.


Unfortunately this episode (and all other episodes of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki) are no more legally available for free to watch on YouTube. May we see this TV Series on DVD Soon!

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