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Table No. 21 | Bollywood Movie | Hindi Film Reviews

Having good actors like Paresh Rawal and Rajeev Khandelwal made me thinking that the movie must be a delight to watch, at least in terms of performances.

Movie :
Table No. 21
Producers : Vicky Rajani, Sunil Lulla
Director :
Aditya Datt
Screenplay by :
Story by :
Musician :
Gajendra Verma
Cinematography : Ravi Walia
Editor : Devendra Murdeshwar
Studio : Filmcity studios, Mumbai
Distributed by : Eros International, Mumbai
Released On :
Starring : Paresh Rawal, Rajeev Khandelwal, Tena Desae, Dhruv Ganesh, and others…

An urban couple – Siya and Vivan Agasthi is living together happily. Vivan was unemployed at the point of time and Siya was earning for them (that is simply matter of fact, it doesn’t affect their relationship in anyway though). The strong bond of love kept them united. It is their wedding anniversary approaching but they were not thinking to go for honeymoon (again) as they were actually trying hard to meet the ends due to limited income.

One day they got a surprise! They won a ticket for two for the island of Fiji in a lucky draw. The trip was fully sponsored which includes accommodation, food and other luxurious services a married couple can think of to celebrate their wedding anniversary. It is like a dream trip for them to celebrate the occasion, so like any other couple they got excited too. And, think what! Nothing, they flew to Fiji.

In Fiji they meet Mr. Khan, the sponsor of the tour. He is the one who will treat them now in Fiji. Khan approached them a unique idea to make their trip even more fun and chance to will some handsome amount of money, which they need desperately. The thing seemed too good to be true and temptation at the same time. Khan explained that he will broadcast this game live on the web, and based on the hits by the visitors, he will be earning money (via advertisement on his website and more), and his show/service and business will get a large amount of recognition. So he is doing it in fully professional way (which cleared the doubts from the mind of Vivan Siya about the genuineness of the game).

They eventually decided to participate in the game.

The game made their life upside down. The tasks they were asked to do were all linked with their past somehow. What were the tasks and how they were linked with their past is something we leave for you to watch on the screen. However the story as you can think seems a combination of what we have visited in Bollywood film Zinda (release year – 2006) – which was similar to Oldboy (an English Movie), and some other films.

The locales of Fiji are filmed well and it looks nice on the celluloid. Paresh, Rajeev and Teena performs well. However I personally was thinking of something even better from all of them. May be their characters need better developed and story needed to be better written. Some task which should actually pass the wave of chill in the audience, fail to do so. So the viewer may keep attached-detached with the movie while viewing. The background score is good. The songs are average (overall). However the end of the movie and the message it conveys, is the positive factor of the movie.

The movie could have been a better thriller than it is.

Overall, you may like to watch it at leisure on DVD.

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