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Dekh Bhai Dekh Hindi TV Serial On DVD Sixth Episode Reviews

Episode #6 of Hindi Sitcom Dekh Bhai Dekh focuses on Chachi’s experience to find first manager and publisher as an author.

TV Serial :
Dekh Bhai Dekh
Executive Producers : Jaya Bachchan, AB Corp
Director :
Anand Mahendru
Writers : Rajeev Agarwal, Liliput, Parvati Walia, Vipul Shah, Maya Balse
Music : Udit Narayan, Ajit Singh, Raju Singh
Starring : Sushma Seth, N K Shivpuri, Navin Nischol, Farida Jalal, Shekhar Suman, Bhavna Balsavar, Amar Upadhyay, Deven Bhojani, Vishal Singh, Nattasha Singh, Sunny Singh, Karishma Aacharya, Rakesh Thareja, Daisy Irani, Liliput, Divya Sheth, Benu Kalsi, Shammi, Urvashi Dholakiya, Santosh Gupta, Ritu Sharma, Raju Shrivastav, and others…

We see Sameer is sitting in front of a computer and behave strangely. He start jumping with the happiness and suddenly he starts crying. He is showing various emotions one by one. This make the people of Diwan family (only those who witnessed these great incidents (!) being happen, worrying a little about him. Though when informed to his wife Sunita, aka Chachi and when she visit the bedroom where Sameer was doing all this we gotta know the truth behind.

Sameer was reading the draft of the novel written by his wife. He found the book very appealing and attention grabbing. He himself was traversed in the flow of emotions while reading (that is why he was behaving such). And he congratulate his wife writing such stunning novel. He advised her to seriously got it published. He also asked her to take her skills as an author seriously and deal with the publishers like a professional, so she can get the amount she deserves from them (so she doesn’t remain underpaid).

She convinced doing so, but worrying for finding the proper candidate to be her manager. Sameer have had a solution for her needs. He asked her to not to worry, he himself will be her manager. Next morning Sameer got special treatment by her (as a husband and as a manager, you know). We see that Sanju is begging to him for 100Rs. as pocket money. He needs to have it to please his girl friends. However Sameer and others made fun of him. But he was lucky that as a manger Chachi asked Sameer to got a few chapters of the novel printed and give it to publishers. Sameer gave pocket money to Sanju and asked him to fulfill the tasks.

There comes the big day. A publisher named Mr. Behl come to meet the author and her manager (Mrs. and Mr. Sameer Deewan). They were playing with the kids at the time. However Kareema attended Behl in the mean time. He offered him a glass of water but he refused. There is a superb dialog comes from the mouth of Kareema at the time. Its good to hear him saying that, so we will not reveal it. We also see Behl was instructing something personally to his assistance in his ear.

Sameer also got a plan. He asked Sanju to make a fake call on the phone in the drawing room (so he can pretend to be in conversation with other publishers also). His plan was to impress the publisher and get the best deal done with him. However the publisher have his own tactics. Like to behave with straight and stoned face. Not showing much keenness in the project, so he can have best deal in his terms.

It will be a delight to watch both Sameer and Behl playing the tricks. The expressions of the cast are fantastic. Sometimes when watching such sitcoms and other quality serials prepared in old days with very tight budget, we came think, that they had a great quotient, which a number of high budget dramas of the current days lack. Well, it is not the thing that everything old was gold and everything current is mettle. There are of course low and high quality stuffs made during both the times. But there was a single major channel those days (read Doordarshan) and now there are 100s of them available. So the producer/directs found it tough those days, to get episodes and airtime approved if their work didn’t contain quality. Now options are more and even channels need the airtime fillers. So comparatively low quality work also got a chance. We don’t want to mention names but you yourself can compare that how many talent shows coming these days, and how good is it’s level. You can take any such show, look at the stuff provided in its first season and compare it with whatever is coming in the current season, and you yourself will realize.

Anyway, let us stick to this episode of Dekh Bhai Dekh, we find it mixture of quality script, act, music, dialogs and more. Definitely a good watch, which you can enjoy with the family. The DVD quality is good as well.

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