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Nothing Else Matters by Vish Dhamija | Book Review

Nothing Else Matters by Vish Dhamija | Book Cover

It is not the first book where the protagonist is a sniper. Of course, there are many movies and books already available with this theme. Nothing Else Matters by Vish Dhamija falls in the same category, which I found, has some unique attributes to offer. If you love reading crime thrillers and police procedural, you must have heard Vish Dhamija‘s ... Read More »

An Interesting Author Interview With Vish Dhamija

Author Vish Dhamija

Hi Friends, Allow me to introduce Mr. Vish Dhamija, who actually is a very popular author and doesn’t need a formal introduction. He is known for writing thrillers of various sub-genre. Reading his book(s) will remind you of watching an action movie. His exploration of the background of the places mentioned in the book is something I like specifically. From ... Read More »

The Mogul by Vish Dhamija | Book Reviews

The Mogul by Vish Dhamija | Book Cover

Vish Dhamija is an excellent author. His vocabulary is so rich and his way of elaborating a scene is really fantastic. What I like the most about his writing is the way he infuses sarcasm and humor (not always dark). Earlier I got a chance to read a thriller named Bhendi Bazaar from our team, and I have shared my ... Read More »