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Startup Lessons from Zomato By Abhish B. | Book Review

Startup Lessons from Zomato: How a Side Hustle has become a Global Food-Tech Player (Indian Unicorns) by Abhish B | Book Cover

Since a few years, the youth (of India specifically) has started following the entrepreneurial path with more confidence. Of course, the root of entrepreneurship are there since the millennia (as we can see its reflection in fables and folklores also), the changing environment, the access to the information compendium, the communication advancements, and inspirational success stories witnessed in the recent ... Read More »

Tantra & Buddhism: Greatest Spiritual Wisdom by Pranay | Book Review

Tantra & Buddhism: Greatest Spiritual Wisdom by Pranay | Book Cover

Does spirituality refer after-life stuff only and thus can be considered – hypothetical or abstract? Does spirituality help one achieve the goals in material life while keeping work-life balance? Possibly these two questions appear in one’s mind during his/her growing up time? Most people considered spiritual stuff to be followed in the later stage of life. Various books in the ... Read More »

BYJU’s Miracle Journey By Abhish B. | Book Review

BYJU's Miracle Journey: from 8 Students to $21 Billion (Indian Unicorns) by B. Ashish | Book Cover

The perks of having “book reading” as a hobby includes getting exposure to some interesting segments of the world. Not only the fictional and virtual worlds are available to our disposal but it also lets us visit some interesting real life journeys as well. Yes, we are referring non-fictional works and more importantly biographical stuff. In the same segment, during ... Read More »

Gita & Vedic Wisdom: Greatest Spiritual Wisdom by Pranay | Book Review

Gita & Vedic Wisdom: Greatest Spiritual Wisdom by Pranay | Book Cover

Spirituality is often mistaken with religious stuff (in bookish sense). However, spirituality is, in a sense, breaking off from this material world and exploring beyond the same. That’s the reason spirituality helps us in performing better at all the aspects of life including social, economical, and others. Gita or Srimad Bhagvad Gita, is an essence of timeless wisdom, knowledge and ... Read More »

Visionary Thinking By Ashish Jaiswal | Book Review

Visionary Thinking by Ashish Jaiswal | Book Cover

The world is full of diversity and that is what makes the world worth living in, and the life, more interesting. Of course, we see a vast variety of species, monuments, structures and other stuff around us. But what I found even more fascinating is the fact that this diversity is reflected even in the abstract stuff as well. Majority ... Read More »