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Mary Barra’s Commencement Speech | Words of Inspiration

Graduating Students

Mary Teresa Barra (née Makela), the CEO of General Motors, was invited to deliver the commencement speech at University of Michigan on May 3, 2014. The ceremony was held at Michigan Stadium. She studied electrical engineering before obtaining her MBA. Her abilities can be explored by knowing the fact that she is the first female CEO of a major global ... Read More »

Melinda and Bill Gates’ Commencement Speech At Stanford University

We often discuss notable commencement speeches. We must say majority of commencement addresses are inspirational and motivational. They contain the wisdom of knowledge and experience. Morals, Ethics, Values and Humanity are also some of the learning points we found in those speeches. Melinda and Bill Gates were invited to deliver commencement speech at Stanford University this year. Usually we don’t ... Read More »

Unbreakable M. C. Mary Kom : An Autobiography | Book Reviews

Unbreakable : M C Mary Kom - Book Cover

Recently we got a chance to read Autobiography of the legendary female boxer from India – M C Mary Kom. Her journey from a remote place in India to the remarkable place in the center of glory around would is not only inspirational and fascinating, but also gripping and emotional as well. Book Title : Unbreakable Author : M C ... Read More »

An Inspirational Speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger | Words of Inspiration

Arnold Schwarzenegger have achieved almost everything he dreamt of. And it is not that he simply got lucky or he was the person who was at right place at right time. His tremendous efforts, dedication, hard work and intelligent decisions made him what he is. Today he is considered as the multi-skilled personality. He is one of the most perfectly ... Read More »

Shaktimaan and His Friends | Hindi TV Serial On DVD Reviews

Shaktimaan - Hindi TV Serial On DVD

After saving people from the Stoneman, Shaktimaan was quite happy. And of course he must, as he did a marvelous job by saving people from one more demon. But is it all good now? What are the events and incidents waiting for Shaktimaan?! Let us take a look. TV Serial : Shaktimaan Producer : Mukesh Khanna Director : Dinker Jani ... Read More »