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Toni Morrison’s Commencement Speech | Words of Wisdom

Commencement Ceremony

We often took note of commencement speeches given by notable speakers at various graduation ceremonies. The convocation day is very important for any student. Usually it is the last day of training thyself to face the real world challenges. Some words of inspiration and especially wisdom are the final touch up to the skills earned by the student the hard ... Read More »

Jay Leno’s Commencement Speech At Emerson College | Words of Inspiration

Graduates In Black Cap

James Douglas Muir “Jay” Leno is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, voice actor and television host. His shows “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “The Jay Leno Show” are very popular. He was invited as a commencement speaker at “Emerson College” to the convocation ceremony 2014. It is worth to note that Leno have completed his graduation from ... Read More »

Mary Barra’s Commencement Speech | Words of Inspiration

Graduating Students

Mary Teresa Barra (née Makela), the CEO of General Motors, was invited to deliver the commencement speech at University of Michigan on May 3, 2014. The ceremony was held at Michigan Stadium. She studied electrical engineering before obtaining her MBA. Her abilities can be explored by knowing the fact that she is the first female CEO of a major global ... Read More »

Melinda and Bill Gates’ Commencement Speech At Stanford University

We often discuss notable commencement speeches. We must say majority of commencement addresses are inspirational and motivational. They contain the wisdom of knowledge and experience. Morals, Ethics, Values and Humanity are also some of the learning points we found in those speeches. Melinda and Bill Gates were invited to deliver commencement speech at Stanford University this year. Usually we don’t ... Read More »

Sandra Bullock’s Small And Inspiring Commencement Speech

We often took note of commencement speeches addressed by some remarkable achievers, as it contains the words of wisdom, humanity and the knowledge came through their experiences. Sandra Bullock, who got wide recognition through the film Speed is an academy award winner (and it proves her metal) actress. She was at the commencement ceremony at Warren Easton Charter High School, ... Read More »