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Sandra Bullock’s Small And Inspiring Commencement Speech

We often took note of commencement speeches addressed by some remarkable achievers, as it contains the words of wisdom, humanity and the knowledge came through their experiences.

Sandra Bullock, who got wide recognition through the film Speed is an academy award winner (and it proves her metal) actress. She was at the commencement ceremony at Warren Easton Charter High School, New Orleans. Those who are not much familiar with her human side may need to know that she raised her helping hand to this high school when it was damaged by hurricane Katrina in 2005, by donating some money. The amount is not as important as the gesture, right?

This is the shortest commencement speech I witnessed so far, and it is available on the public domain of YouTube for everyone.

Here is the short summary of some nice lines from the speech:

  • Stop worrying so much. Actually we often see that what we worried a lot about, doesn’t even happen.
  • Raise the bar higher. People may want to see you getting failed, but its not your problem, its their problem.
  • Nothing is a failure, it is not supposed to workout that way, and may be it is for something better to come up ahead.
  • Dance before you leave the home, that is be yourself, enjoy the life and start your day with energy, enthusiasm and positive attitude about the things going to happen.
  • Eat something green.
  • Avoid doing things which may humiliate you in public. Public humiliations doesn’t only embarrass you but also affect you negatively.
  • Respond to the love and affection shown by others towards you.
  • Its okay if your love is not responded back in the same way. Because not everyone is going to love you. You have to move on to find someone who cares and love you.

Remember, it is not word to word, speech to text conversion. It is represented in a rather summarized way in which we understood the message from the speech. We found this speech really straight forward and practical. It focuses on having positive attitude in life, and we like it.

Do you think we missed something? Please do share your opinion.

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