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The Man who found his Shadow by Marwan Razzaq | Book Review

The Man who found his Shadow by Marwan Razzaq | Book Cover

As we enjoy reading, so we enjoy connecting with other readers and writers here at Team ThinkerViews. And as part of this process, we receive and get a chance to read books from around the world. Author Marwan Razzaq connected with us and shared his book The Man who Found his shadow. This book was self-published by him on Amazon ... Read More »

Whispering Bricks By Siddhartha Bhasker | Book Review

Whispering Bricks By Siddhartha Bhaskar | Book Cover

Being a book reader has its own perks. And, when you are associated with the Team ThinkerViews, you realize it even more. Here, one get a chance to know about and read books from the genre, which otherwise, could have been given a miss by him/her. Whispering Bricks, penned by Siddhartha Bhasker and published by Fingerprint! Publishing, is one such ... Read More »

Dare To Live! By Himanshu Bhatia | Book Review

Dare To Live! By Himanshu Bhatia | Book Cover

The modern competitive world comes with so many technological advancements and its side-effects. Balancing in this competitive era is really tough. The life in the corporate world is even more challenging. Actually, you get some fantastic perks in those jobs. It all depends upon the management, especially your immediate boss, your team and top management. You may have a really ... Read More »

Gifted by Nikita Lalwani | Book Review

Gifted by Nikita Lalwani | Book Cover

While popular fiction has well-established expectations of a particular genre, the niche readership, the assurance of a familiar author’s words like a comfort blanket for the fans, an author starting out the publishing journey have the freedom to create something new with no set future for how the book will turn out. But more often than not, authors write their ... Read More »

Second Chance by Kavita Bhatnagar | Book Review

Second Chance by Kavita Bhatnagar | Book Cover

The world we live in changes continuously, and so does the life we lead, both inside the home and outside it. Divorce is no longer the taboo word and a lot of couples part ways when things do not work out for them. When one marriage does not work out, does it mean that all the dreams of having a ... Read More »

Until the Music Stops by Naimish Srivastava | Book Review

Until the Music Stops by Naimish Srivastava | Book Cover

At team Thinkerviews, we get attracted and exposed to books from almost all genres as various book lovers have different tastes. Although we are not big fans of horror or psychological crime genre, we occasionally receive these books from authors we digitally connect with and we have reviewed some such works here: When the Devil Whispers By Ajinkya Bhasme. Book ... Read More »