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One Day, Life Will Change By Saranya Umakanthan | Book Review

One Day, Life Will Change: A story of love and inspiration to win life when it hits you hard... By Saranya Umakanthan | Book Cover

On one side we see the rise of adult and abusive content in all media segments like books, magazines, movies, web series, etc; and at the same time, we can still find some interesting stories explored in all these media which are nicely written. They reaffirm our belief that “if you have genuine content, it is enough for the reader, ... Read More »

The Ineligible Millionaire by Tarun Varshney | Book Review

The Ineligible Millionaire by Tarun Varshney | Book Cover

There was a time when reading was considered only a literary pursuit and reading for entertainment was a leisure activity that not many people found time for. But as the world changed in the nineties and more and more people started working for international companies, a lot of these young professionals started to pen successful books that are stories of ... Read More »

Invisible Shackles By Anuja Arora | Book Review

Invisible Shackles By Anuja Arora | Book Cover

In life, we often get imprisoned in a “self-created” jail. It is said that the mind creates the barrier and if we can overcome it, we can do wonders in life. All true. But, is that so easy? Don’t circumstance and situation play an important part there? You might be wondering, why these philosophical questions! Well, they may sound philosophical ... Read More »

Where Will Man Take Us? By Atul Jalan | Book Review

Where Will Man Take Us? : The bold story of the man technology is creating by Atul Jalan | Cover Page

Do you love reading academic books backed by hard research work? We do. But, these books are not for everyone. An average reader, who loves exploring fiction, thrillers, romantic stuff; basically read for entertainment, may not find them appealing. Being a professional book reviewer associated with reputed Team ThinkerViews I am fortunate to get exposed to books of various genres. ... Read More »