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The Wolf of Wall Street | Hollywood Movie | Personal Reviews

Jordan Belfort (Born: July 9, 1962) is an American motivational speaker who was a stockbroker in his past. He served in the prison for 22 months and the crime he was convicted for is stock market manipulation. The charges also contains running a penny stock boiler room as well.

These may seem heavy words to those who are not associated with the stock market. But you can go for Wikipedia articles for the same to know more.

The (real) money he had seen in his life, or the lifestyle he lived, is definitely look like a fantasy – for the majority of the people around the globe. The ups and downs of the life he had seen made him learn a lot and probably that is the reason he can talk about some stuff with authority, which makes him a successful motivational speaker!

He wrote two memoirs titled The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street. Both the books were a commercial success by the measure that they were translated into 18 languages and published and sold in around 40 countries! BTW: A very few people know that Belfort was graduated in Biology!

Based on his life (as mentioned in several articles and the memoirs written by himself), a movie titled The Wolf Of Wall Street was made in 2013.

Movie :
The Wolf Of The Wall Street
Producers : Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland, Emma Tillinger Koskoff
Director :
Martin Scorsese
Screenplay :
Based On : The Wolf of Wall Street by
Studio : Red Granite Pictures, Appian Way Productions, Sikelia Productions, Emjag Productions
Distributed by : Paramount Pictures (United States), Universal Pictures (Europe)
Cinematography : Rodrigo Prieto
Editor : Thelma Schoonmaker
Released On : (New York City Premiere), (US)
Starring : Leonardo DiCaprio (Jordan Belfort), Jonah Hill (Donnie Azoff), Margot Robbie (Naomi Lapaglia), Matthew McConaughey (Mark Hanna), Kyle Chandler (Patrick Denham), Rob Reiner (Max Belfort), Jon Bernthal (Brad Bodnick), Jon Favreau (Manny Riskin), Jean Dujardin (Jean-Jacques Saurel), Cristin Milioti (Teresa Petrillo), Kenneth Choi (Chester Ming), Christine Ebersole (Leah Belfort), Shea Whigham (Captain Ted Beecham), Jake Hoffman (Steve Madden), Katarina Cas (Chantalle Bodnick), P. J. Byrne (Nicky “Rugrat” Koskoff), Joanna Lumley (Aunt Emma), Spike Jonze (Dwayne), Brian Sacca (Robbie Feinberg), Ethan Suplee (Toby Welch), Martin Klebba (Frank Berry), Madison McKinley (Heidi), Barry Rothbart (Peter Diblasio), Bo Dietl (himself), Aya Cash (Janet), Rizwan Manji (Kalil), J. C. MacKenzie (Lucas Solomon), Ashlie Atkinson (Rochelle Applebaum), Stephen Kunken (Jerry Fogel), Jordan Belfort (A Line host), Edward Hermann (Stratton Oakmont), Ted Griffin (Agent Hughes), Fran Lebowitz (Judge Samantha Stogel), Robert Clohessy (Nolan Drager), Sandra Nelson (Aliyah Farran), Welker White (waitress), Aaron Lazar (Blair Hollingsworth), Steve Witting (SEC Attorney), Donnie Keshawarz (Stratton Oakmont Broker), Chris Riggi (Party Broker), Sharon Jones (a wedding singer), Zineb Oukach (a Naomi hostess), Ashley Springer (a job applicant), Peter Youngblood Hills (an audiende member)), and others…

In 1987, Jordan Belfort joins a well established wall street firm. He befriends with one of his superior who took him to a restaurant. Jordan, a married man, get advise of taking drugs and having extra-marital sex life to keep the momentum and joy going on while doing a tedious job! We all know how good this advise is!? But Jordon implement it later in his life. He passed some exams to be an independent stock broker. But destiny have decided something different for him. His first day in the market was a very wrong day for him! It was the black Monday, and market was crashed.

The slack in the market made Jordan to think for a career in different field! Though his wife Teresa Petrillo found an advertisement for him which let him do what he is now keen doing. It was an advertisement of a Long Island boiler room which deals in penny stock. The high commission rate offered by the firm gave a fly to the ambitions of Jordan. He implemented aggressive style but fantastic sugar coated words and showing dreams to his clients to convince them to invest the money through them! He got success with the same.

Azoff a guy living in the same apartment Jordan lives in, got impressed by Jordan. He in a meeting asked Jordan what he does for living and how much earns per month?! The answer was shocking and fascinating for Azoff. He resign from his job and joined with Jordan! Later Jorden decided to open his own firm. He hired some friends of Azoff who were the dealers of Drugs!

His firm Stratton Oakmont became a success and over the period of time Jordan needed more people involved in the same. He hired and recruited a number of people and alongwith them he called in his parents and accountant to look after various matters. A majority of people working at his firm were all started living a high voltage uncontrolled life with parties, sex, drugs and more! Jordan also became addicted to drugs and started cheating his wife by going to prostitutes.

The success in short time he got, pull him into the eyes of the authority also. In his personal life also, once he got caught by his wife to have extra-marital sex and was divorced by her. He later found another love in his life!! And he eventually got married to her as well. And the authorities have also started keeping a close eye on him, his firm, his employees and his financial transaction.

What happened later is not tough to guess.

The movie is a good cinematic experience for sure. The dialogs are first rate. It is out and out Leonardo DiCaprio film and he delivered a stunning performance. He is definitely a fantastic actor who gets the role of his caliber and justifies the choice. Brad Pitt was also considered for the role of protagonist. The cinematography is fantastic and the casting director also did the job nicely. The locations are convincing. Actually most of the actors delivered convincing performance. The background music is a positive aspect of the film. The film contains 400-450 VFX shots and they are good to be seen on screen. The film is nominated for several awards and will win a several from those for sure.

The too much of adult stuff is the part of the movie which makes it – unwatchable with family. Every now and then the movie is bombed into Sex, Drugs and Abusive stuff. It is strictly no-no for the kids.

Interesting Information:
There was a film named The Wolf of Wall Street released in 1929. It was a silent film starring George Bancroft, directed by Rowland V. Lee, which had a completely different story line.

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