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Shagird Hindi Movie On DVD Reviews

There are no two thoughts about the popularity of Vishwanath “Nana” Patekar and his unique style of acting. He mostly doesn’t play with his get-up also (there are exceptions like Prahaar and a few more of course). He is having his own fan following who like his persona and face with beard. We had last seen him in Tum Milo Toh Sahi, which was a nice project which could have been better. Tigmanshu Dhulia is of course a talented director and the content of his film strongly states that, it doesn’t matter how his films perform on the box office.

A Mercedes moving ahead speedily which overrules a traffic signal and stopped by the traffic police. The driver trying to argument with him stopped by the person sitting in the backseat [Nana Patekar] who paid the bribe to move ahead. You know that the stuff is going to be realistic, content-wise, reflecting the surrounding. Identified as a straight forward, genuine and fearful businessman named Kishan Bora, the fellow in the car meets a local mafia who called him to meet and pay him the extortion money. Their conversation goes wrong and kishan bora dynamically change from a fearful gentleman to brutal encounter specialist crime branch inspector Hanumant Singh who kills most of the henchmen along with the main antagonist. Two of the henchmen succeed to escape the scene followed by Hanumant Singh who asks headquarter to send the team for backup.

Mohit [Mohit Ahlawat] is appointed to the crime branch as sub inspector, when he reaches his office to take charge, his seniors were tricking wealthy soft targets for threats and then providing them protection in favor of handsome money. They rush to help his superior Hanumant Singh who asked for additional force. Media also reaches at the crime scene, lead by Varsha Mathur [Rimi Sen – Rimmi Sen now] Hanumant on the other hand plays trick to get the goons our of the hide out and shoots them. Hanumant releives others to go to the office but took Mohit with him. Where he learns that Hanumant Singh is a corrupted cop who is doing a lot of legal stuff for money. Hanumant Singh’s wife and kid are threatened by a goon. In the night Hanumant’s house is attacked, when Hanumant reaches his home he found that no one is injured and he takes the things lightly. We find him fond of melodious old hindi songs and he have all the related information available at the tip of his tongue. He convince his wife and kid to push the effort of Visa to Auckland, New Zealand as he made a lot of enemies here.

Bunti Bhaiya [Anurag Kashyap] a criminal is captured by police and taken to the jail. He was a relative of minister RajMani Singh [Zakir Hussain]. Hanumant offers Mohit his share in the latest black money they have collected for the encounter, but Mohit denies it. Hanumant in company of Mohit visits RajMani on his birthday, who was not happy with Bunti’s capture and trying to keep away himself from Bunti to keep his political image clean. He showing his displeasure to took Mohit along with asks Hanumant to capture a drug dealer from his birthday party scheduled at night.

Hanumant and his team captures the drug dealer from Minister’s party and asks Mohit to shoot him. When the drug dealer offers money to releive him, Hanumant takes all money from him but again asks Mohit to shoot him. The drug-dealer then tips him off about a deal in favour of his release. After getting the details he asks Mohit to shoot him, which Mohit was unable to and the drug dealer escapes. Though, Hanumant and his team kills him there. Hanumant calls media and declares that Mohit done the job for police. When Varsha visits Mohit’s room trying to taking his interview for his first success she learns Mohit loves her since the childhood. She gets a call tipping her to have an exclusive news which she followed and along with a couple of other journalists gets captured by unkown terrorists. Hanumant and his team raids the place where the drug deal is scheduled, in the fight, Mohit saves Hanumant’s life.

Hanumant and his team is allotted the charge of “kidnapping of journalists” case and they tries hard but unable to find the clue. Bunty Singh in the jail befriends two terrorists and the group who captured three reporters demands release of all three against the lives of kidnapped reporters. Got furious from not getting succeed to find the journalists, which include Varsha, Mohit goes to jail and beats the terrorist. The result is one of the reporters found murdered the next day. The government decide to release the terrorists and Bunty. Bunty on the way finds Hanumant came to lead them ahead. Hanumant shoots both the terrorists and puts his mobile on speaker phone to let Bunty know that Rajmani is trying to kill Bunty. He takes Bunty with him. The reporters are also released by the terrorists, and we know they were captured by Hanumant himself,who already sent his family and a lot of money to Auckland. He makes a video tape and sends it anonymously to Rajmani and demands a lot of money to keep Bunty not spill beans about all the wrong things RajMani did.

RajMani calls Hanumant and doubts that Hanumant is behind all this. Hanumant burst into tears and act well to influence Rajmani that he is clean. RajMani doubts him though and asks Shamsher – one of the sub ordinates to shoot Hanumant. Mohit learns that Hanumant is in danger and warns him; which results into saving his life from Shamsher. Hanumant then talks with RajMani and they coldly threatened each other by playing innocent and genuine. What will happen now? Will RajMani try to kill Hanumant again? Will Varsha be able to find who were her kidnappers? What will be the fate of Bunty Bhaiya? Who is playing with whom? Is the movie glorifies the crime and criminals? Is the movie trying to say, by wearing police uniforms you are allowed to do wrong things? What will be the destiny of Hanumant, Mohit and Varsha who are at the different sides of crime and have their own take for each of the things that happened and will happen?

The movie could have been better with some more tightness in the script but it is great nonetheless. Nana Patekar is now playing the encounter specialist very easily, after so many films he done doing the same. He is excellent though. Rimi gets a little scope but she is convincing. Mohit tried hard and it is resulted into nice performance. The guys plaing Shamsher, Rathi and others are really good at their parts. Zakir Hussain delivers fine performance agian. Anurag Kashyap is the revealation. After so many directors turning to actor and delivering fine performances (name a few, Mahesh Manjrekar since Kante, Amol Gupte since Kaminey, Farhan Akhtar since rock on… and many more), he joins the brigade with honor. In the lot of some really heart-breaking movies this one falls in Paisa Vasool category no two doubts on that. Tigmanshu Dhulia proves his talent again.

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