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Kill The Rapist? | Film Makers Ask The Public What Should Be The Climax Of This Film

There are quite a lot of films being made in Bollywood every year. Only some of them are based on the issues and harsh realities we face in our surroundings.

It is almost a year to the young beautiful girl (declared name : Nirbhaya) was brutally raped in a Bus in Delhi and met with her death due to the serious injuries she got.

Rape is definitely one of the most disgusting and brutal crime. And if someone does it, he is not a human by any means.

Writer, director Sanjay Chhel who is associated with some many nice films during his career is directing an upcoming movie based on the same consequences. The movie is titled as Kill The Rapist? The makers just go straight to convey their message, and trailer is quite evident of the same.

Before the years there was a movie named Kanoon made by B. R. Chopra, starring Ashok Kumar, Rajendra Kumar and Nanda in the lead roles. The movie was a court-room drama which discusses that whether there should be Death Penalty or not?

The makers of – Kill The Rapist? – in a same way asks the audience via (?) in the title, that what should they want to see in the climax. Earlier for the film Jab We Met, a few title choices were given to the audience to choose what they like more. Probably this is the first time when the makers of a Bollywood movie asks for the preferred climax to the audience (there are several movies where alternate endings are filmed of course).

What is your opinion, whether the rapist should be killed in the climax of the movie?

You can submit your choices to https://www.facebook.com/KTRmovie/app_186925844846865 ; the official FaceBook page of the movie makers.

Alternatively you can give a missed call (Free) on,
09015-132-132 If your vote is YES or
09015-135-135 If your vote is NO

Some of the statics shown in the trailer are shocking and the punch lines comes during the trailer effectively convey what the direct wants to tell us. It is worth to note that Anjali Patil, Sunny Hinduja, Sadiya Siddiqui and Isheta Sarckar are the lead actors of this movie. The movie is produced by Siddhartha M Jain and co-produced by Charu Goyal, Henna Vikram Kothari and Leena Prabhu.

Do you think this movie will ignite a movement lie Rang De Basanti?

Do share your thoughts and remarks via comments below.

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