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Jai Gangaajal | Bollywood Crime Thriller Movie Reviews

Making a movie is a risky business. Sometimes you may have good content and yet the movie may not do well due to various reasons. On the contrary sometimes you may deliver a commercially successful film despite of it not being that good at content. And that is correct for other businesses as well.

There are a few filmmakers, who, rather than keeping the box office success as the sole motive (behind making a movie) goes ahead to explore some real issues on the screen.

Prakash Jha is one such film maker, from Damul to Apharan to to Aarakshan to Satyagraha to Rajneeti to Gangajal, he does so, and does it effectively. The latest in the series is Jai Gangajal, which is again based on politics, corruption and the chaos it create in the society. There are scenes in this movie which give you a chances to draw parallels between Gngajal and Jai Gangajal.

Movie : Rustom
Director :
Prakash Jha
Produced by : Prakash Jha, Milind Dabke
Story by :
Screenplay by :
Music By : SalimSulaiman
Cinematography :
Production Company : Prakash Jha Productions, Play Entertainment
Distributed by : Play Entertainment
Released On :
Starring : Priyanka Chopra (Abha Mathur, IPS, SP), Prakash Jha (Bhola Nath Singh aka B.N. Singh, DSP), Manav Kaul (MLA Babloo Pandey), Murli Sharma (Munna Mardani), Pranay Narayan (Ratnakar), Rahul Bhatt (Pawan Raghav), Kiran Karmarkar (Ramakant Chowdhary, Home Minister), Ninad Kamat (Dabloo Pandey), Vega Tamotia (Sunita), Ayush Mahesh Khedekar (Nagesh, Sunita’s brother), Jagat Singh Solanki (Amreek Tiwari), Tanmaay Ranjan (Sujeet), Mikhail Yawalkar (Naveen Chandra, SP), Indraneel Bhattacharya (Mithilesh Kumar, IG), Ankush Bali (Moti Pehalwan), Shakti Kumar (Prabhu Narayan, DSP), Sushant Mishra (Pappu), Ravi Khandwailkar (Mahasarpanch), Vinod Nahdih (Mukhiya), Pradeep Kukreja (Mahanta, industrialist), Karuna Verma (B.N. Singh’s wife), Salone Mehta (Abha’s mother), Vijay Kumar (Deenu, farmer), and others…
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The plot is quite realistic and there is nothing much out of the box or innovative to expect. It is more about two police officer’s journey in the crime ruled areas.

Book Plot:

Babloo Pandey, a corrupt politician is MLA of Banikpur District, who rules the area as per his wish. He and his brother Dabloo Pandey are beyond all the rules and regulations. While Babloo plays from behind the scenes in most of the cases, Dabloo is the front runner of all the shady works of the brothers. He is a goon who is feared the most in area and no one dare challenge him.

B. N. Singh is DSP of the area and is involved in all of the wrong doingss (sometimes hiding them or preventing them to be legally executed, and sometimes even helping them).

Abha Mathur is appointed as the SP of the area by home minister Ramakant Chowdhary. Abha’s family was helped by Ramakant when they were needed most. And now he expects Abha do her duty in a way it help his party to remain out of controversy and still able to do whatever they wish.

Upon gaining charge of the area, Abha sees a lot of wrong doings happen with the common men and police is not helping people. She often remain at loggerheads with B. N. Singh on sensitive issues.

There happens incident which make B. N. Singh to do something least expected from him. The issue becomes a major controversy and ultimately the corrupt system started cleaning up.

Views and Reviews

The movie have no traditional hero and heroin so there is no way to have typical Bollywood movie songs. The director didn’t even try to forcefully implant them, which is a good thing. Often makers do such stuff by including flash back or something similar, if the plot doesn’t permit such songs in current flow. We must give Prakash Jha the credit to keep himself in control.

Though the movie was marketed (rightly) as Priyanka’s film, as she is the protagonist. The meaty role of B. N. Singh is played by Prakash Jha himself. And he proves to be a brilliant actor. He is literally scene stealer in some of the scenes. However his body language is not so convincing in hardcore action scenes at a few places. His character is well written and soul of the movie.

Priyanka tries hard to look convincing and there are places where she is good. She looks however thinner for the role. She is good at stunts no doubt. But if she looked more tough, it would be more convincing. She however does various kind of roles, rather than being a typical Hindi film heroin, and it works in her favor.

Manav Kaul and Ninad Kamat (as Babloo and Dabloo) are very effective. They does justice to their roles. Vega Tamotia and Ayush Mahesh Khedekar are having smaller roles. But it would be interesting to watch their career. If given more opportunities, they seem to do better. They are good in this film for sure.

Prakash Jha does justice to his role as director as well as screenplay writer.

The sets are effective and convincing. Ditto for the wardrobe. The cameraman does his work convincingly. The editor knows his job and have almost edited it properly. The item song comes and go, it could have been avoided.

The movie is definitely not for those who seek light hearted fun. If you have guts and like to watch a kind of realistic film based on current issues of the society, you may not want to miss it.

Kudos to Prakash Jha for keep making such films which explores the “points to be cured” from the society.


A good cinematic experience. Quite realistic and eye opener. Not for light hearted fun watching.

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