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One Day: Justice Delivered | A Bollywood Thriller | Movie Review

Recently we got a chance to view few thrillers on various streaming platforms. One of them was One Day: Justice Delivered. Watching this movie will remind you of various popular Bollywood movies released in 90s. The protagonist is not an angry young man, but he is angry indeed. He does his bits to deliver justice to some victims.

Movie : One Day: Justice Delivered
Director :
Ashok Nanda
Produced by : Kamlesh Singh Kushwaha, Ketan patel, Swati Singh
Written by :
Music By : VikrantParijat, JoyAnjan, Rishi Singh
Sanjoy Chowdhury, Rishi Singh
Editor : Umashankar Mishra
Cinematography : ,
Production Companies : D Neev Films, Netrix Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Netrix Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Cinema Friday Int.
Distributed by : T-Series (Music), PVR Pictures, Anand Pandit Motion Pictures
Release Date :
Starring : Anupam Kher (Retired Judge Tyagi), Kumud Mishra (Insp. Sharma), Esha Gupta (Crime branch officer Laxmi Rathi), Anusmriti Sarkar (Shagufta), Zakir Hussain (MP Rawat), Rajesh Sharma (Pankaj Singh), Murali Sharma (Dr. Ajay), Deepshika Nagpal (Dr. Reena), Nasirr Khan (lawyer Rai), Zarina Wahab (Abdul’s Mom), Anant Mahadevan (Lawyer Joshi), Rinku Bharti Goswami (Female cop), Kashyap Barbhaya (Shamim), Jayaka Yagnik (Pooja), Saavi Chauhan (Sonia), Alok Pandey (Afzal Mechanic), Poonam Rane (Rekha), Nilofar Gesawat (Mrs. Tyagi), Manoj Mishra (Dilawar), Irfan Razaa Khan (Inspector Vijay), Jeeban Panda (Parvez), Akram Ali Khan (Rahul), Mohaq Kansara (Abdul), and others…

It is an interesting experience for us, as we got a hard-hitting legal thriller Section 375. Of course, the movies are different in a large number of aspects, Section 375 is mostly the courtroom drama, while here in One Day: Justice Delivered, courtroom time is minimum, but the criminals/courts/law and other aspects build a link.

Book Plot:

The protagonist of the movie is Mr. Tyagi [Anupam Kher], a judge who is just retired. He got a farewell from his professional friends and some admirers. One of his admirers is Police Inspector Sharma [Kumud Mishra].

Mr. Tyagi’s life runs on two parallel tracks now.

On one end, his daughter’s wedding ceremony went well, as planned. On the other, two prominent figures from the city go missing. They seem to be two different incidents right? Well, Judge (Rtd.) Tyagi knew them and they were among the attendees of the ceremony!

Soon it became a kind of pattern in the city. Some well-known people started disappearing. They all were known to Mr. Tyagi in one way or the other. Some of them were his friends!

Is someone targetting prominent and well-known citizens? Could Mr. Tyagi be on the list as well?

Inspector Sharma is investigating the case, but, unable to find a clue, yet.

Eventually, crime Branch officer Lakshmi Rathee was transferred here. She will be overlooking the cases. She is a firebrand, no-nonsense police officer who talks in Hariyanvi style. She is always keen to do what she can, to save innocent people. Her way of working is more practical than following theories and rule-books.

Will she be able to solve the case? Who is/are the culprit(s)? You need to watch the movie to get the answers.

Views And Reviews:

For a crime thriller (or even Police procedural), the story is the most important attribute. A visually appealing and well-acted movie, if not written well, can fall flat.

The story of this movie is moderately good. The viewers came to know about the person doing all these things. Especially since the interval, things are all clear. The investigation officer and the next victims(!) were yet unable to find who is targetting them. The last scene of the movie comes as an interesting climax. You will like watching it for sure.

I must say that the production team has done a decent job. The art-director, photography department team, the director, every one has worked as a unit. And the way the locales are explored and authentic locations are elaborated on the screen proves that.

In terms of performance, nothing needs to be said about Anupam Kher. He is a seasoned actor. He is more of in his typical form in this movie. Kumud Mishra underplayed his role pretty well. He donned the character quite effectively. Recently, I watched his performance in Thappad, and when you compare both these films, you gotta see the range of the actor. Such actors should get more chances. Esha Gupta comes as a pleasant surprise. Of course, she is not doing an action role for the first time. But, she looks convincing. Usually, we tend to find models playing police officers, she doesn’t look like that. And, that is a positive point. Hariyanvi accent suits her. She seems to have put-in her genuine efforts for this role. All the other actors, including those playing supportive roles, did a convincing job. None of them look out of the place. I am avoiding some names/scenes to keep spoilers away.

The movie could have been worked well without songs. The item song while serves as a dramatic entry for an actor, could have been avoided. It seems that it is weaved in the story just by considering the market. The background music requires a mention, for positive reasons. It multi folds the impact of respective scenes, and is completely in sync. The editor tried his best to make the movie a gripping thriller. Director seems to have tried well to stick to the script and he is successful at the most of the places.
In addition to locales, the wardrobe is also taken care of effectively. Some oneliners will tickle your funny bones. The dialogs can be placed in “first class” category.

In short, it is a typical masala movie where the thrilling constant is there, but nothing too much fantastic. Critically you can find loopholes and downsides, but if you watch it for the sole purpose of entertainment, it will not disappoint you.


A typical Bollywood Masala thriller. Watch it without much expectations and you will surely enjoy it. It is much better than some creepy stuff aired/released these days (in the name of entertainment). Definitely once watchable.

Over To You:

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