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Somewhere in India there a person named RajaSahab was almost ruling like an authority. Later we got to know that he 3o0wns a coal mine and the mine was producing diamonds as well. RajaSahab is pretending to be like a king who loves his citizens but was actually making them fool. He was abusing all the people without their knowledge. He is actually a brutal person who kills without hesitation.

Shankar was working as an employee at RajaSahab’s place. He was loyal to him like a faithful dog, and RajaSahab was treating him like one. He have lost his parents at the early age. Later we got to know that Shankar’s father was working at the coal mine when young RajaSahab was the head of workers. He was the one who found diamonds in the coal mine and bring it to home. He was intended to provide the details to the coal owner and receive reward in turn. However he was brutally killed alongwith his wife in front of his only child Shankar by Dilawar and Ranbir. At the same time a man came from behind and dumped a few firing coals in his mouth. Which made Shakar a mute.

Movie :
Producer :
Rakesh Roshan
Director :
Rakesh Roshan
Music : Rajesh Roshan, Vangelis
Starring : Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Amrish Puri, Deepshikha, Ashok Saraf, Ranjeet, Jack Gaud, Salim Ghouse, Kunika, Himani Shivpuri, Mohnish Behl, Pradeep Singh Rawat, Ashok Saraf, and others…

Yes, the young Shankar is a mute. He tolerates all the terrors by Raja and his brother Brijwa silently. He have a friend named Chhote who is a a shadow in the desert for him. Chhote is the son of Vedji who is working for Raja. Raja got a secretary named Bindiya. Raja got older by the age but his lust is not leaving him at all. So he tries various pills given by the Vedji and fails a many times.

Once when he was going somewhere he encountered with Gauri, a lovely, charming, innocent and mischievous girl. Now the main mission for Raja is to get her at any cost. Gauri was leaving with his maternal uncle as her parents died at early age. He has a brother but he was doing a job in Dubai. He is the one who earns and sends money regularly so the family can purchase livelihood.

When the proposal was sent by Raja to Gauri’s uncle, he have delightfully accepted it; because Raja offered them a handsome amount of money. But Gauri was not ready. He wanted to see the groom before marrying him. It was now clear that if she see (or know) that she was to be married with old Raja, she will refuse the same. So Raja sends Shankar’s photo to Gauri as the groom to be. Shankar was unaware with the stuff though. Gauri liked the photo of Shankar and falls in for him.

During the marriage ceremony though when Gauri was taking “phere” (the rounds husband and wife take together the starting point of their union – when the vedic chants were played); saw the guy in the photo was serving the people. She then torn out the curtain of flower and see the face of the groom. She was fainted by seeing that she is being married with Rajasaab. Raja however force the Pundit to keep the ceremony going on and finished marriage with unconscious Gauri.

During the night when Gauri meet Raja she tried committing a suicide. Raja makes that attempt failed though. Raja then decide to wait for her to accept him as her husband. Bindiya is allotted the responsibility to take care of the ceremony the next day. Bindiya disguise as the bride in the ceremony next day but during the ceremony Shankar got to know that Gauri is not there as the bride and see her crying in her room. When he was chatting with Chhote he expressed the feelings that the stuff being done with Gauri is somehow not proper. Then he see (from his home) that Gauri was about to commit suicide. She reaches on time and saves her.

Gauri scolded him and claimed that he is the part of Raja’s plan. Being mute, Shankar was unable to explain anything (and he doesn’t know everything). Chhote comes there and explains the innocence of Shankar. Shankar and Chhote decide to find out the stuff behind the marriage. However the stuff found was shocking, and it made Shankar think that he was somehow the reason of Gauri’s fate.

In a course of event Bindiya was found in the servant quarter of Shankar and tried being raped by Brijwa. She calls in Shankar for help, as she loves Shankar secretly. Shankar saved her but beaten by Brijwa and Rajasaab was get aware with the stuff. Bindiya explained that Shankar is innocent. The result was disgusting for Bindiya, as she was sent to a brothel. Gauri is attracted to Shankar for all his qualities. When Gauri’s brother came back from Dubai, he was shocked by not seeing her sister. He then decided to meet his sister and brother-in-law. Rajasaab forced Gauri to play happy if she doesn’t want to see her brother dead. Gauri’s brother was happy to see her sister happy. However when he was going back to home, Shankar follows him and tell the truth. When he came back to see her sister and see her being tortured by Raja he protest and was asked to take her back. Raja and Brijwa kills him though. Gauri cries for the help and Shankars comes in. He fought Raja and Brijwa and dieing brother of Gauri allots him Gauri’s responsibility.

Now its upto Shankar to save Gauri. He took her and ran away from the castle of Raja by overpowering his men. Will Shankar be able to save Gauri? How will be their love life? Raja is now a hungry beast, and he was ready to do anything to capture them, what he will do? How he will find them (if he can)?

All this is answered in the rest of the thrilling sequences of the film. The movie is really doing well in technical aspects. Rakesh Roshan is able to find some great locales in India and the visualization is seen on the screen. The music was a hit. Madhuri acts excellently and she looks gorgeous as well. Shahrukh found Shahrukh in almost any character he play (a few exceptions there), and this movie is no exception. Deepshikha is a complete heroin package, however it is a different thing that she doesn’t get the chances or exposure she deserve. Ashok Sharaf is doing a remarkable job. Amrish Puri once again proves that he is superb when it comes to acting and persona. He makes you hate him. Johney Lever is good. Rest of the cast does their bit. Mohnish Behl is in cameo only.

Some of the scenes of the movie will make you remember some Hollywood blockbusters. For example the jungle fight of Shankar makes you remember Rambo. Some of the segments of screenplay are inspired by Revenge (1990 Hollywood film). Some of the scenes of this movie makes it a choice for adult audience. So don’t see it with under aged children. The movie can be a good choice for some time-pass.

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