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Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela | Bollywood Movie | Hindi Film | Personal Reviews

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is definitely master of the craft, especially visuals, and it is shown in all his movies. May be Black is something you want to specify as exception, but in that case also, he used black color in proper manner. Be it a commercial hit like Khamoshi – The Musical or Devdas or Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or flop like Saavariya or semi-hit like Guzaarish, he play with colors effectively and people love it.

The same we can say for his sense of music and songs as well. All his movies offer a fantastic soundtrack. From Guzaarish he tried working as a music director as well and he continue same in his latest movie as well.

The other thing to worth note about Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie are mostly they are based on a folklore or a story and explores emotional aspects.

Movie : Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela
Director :
Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Produced by : Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Chetan Deolekar, Kishore Lulla, Sandeep Singh
Based On : Romeo and Juliet By
Screenplay by : , ,
Music By : Monty Sharma, Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Studio : SLB Films, Eros International
Distributed by : Eros International
Cinematography : Ravi Varman
Editor : Rajesh G. Pandey
Released On :
Starring : Ranveer Singh [Ram], Deepika Padukone [Leela], Richa Chadda [Rasila], Supriya Pathak [Dhankor Baa], Homi Wadia [Radhu], Sharad Kelkar [Kanji], Gulshan Devaiah [Bhavani], Barkha Bisht [Kesar], Abhimanyu Singh [Meghji], Raza Murad [Sarpanch], Jamiel Khan [Vanka], Anshul Trivedi [Mandar], Priyanka Chopra [Item Song], and others…

His latest offering – Goliyon Ki Rasleela – Ram Leela – is no exception. It offers fantastic music, in fact it is commercially hit already. It has 10 songs! yes, 10 songs and most of them are good. It offers the flavor of Gujarat – India and its folk songs and traditional music pretty well. Mr. Bhansali teamed with Monty Sharma as music director (again, after Saavariya).

In addition this movie also spreads vibrant colors and it is visually a treat to watch the same. The other fact is, this movie is also having its traces in the literature! Yes, it is an adaptation of the famous play Romeo And Juliet by William Shakespeare. Of course it is modified for the Indian audience.

The local gangs and their rivalry is an important part of the film. A lot of Shakespeare works explores the love story in the background of war. Well, the message is love can happen anywhere. And when you think the least chances of the same to happen, it happens. And yes, love is what the mankind needs and all the wars and rivalries can be finished to the end by only love.

And yes, if you pay attention to the movie dialogs, you will trace the famous lines by Shakespeare “What is in the name, a rose will be rose, no matter what you call it“.

Besides this, the movie have a lot of adult stuff and even abusive lines too. So it is strictly for the mature audience.

The story belongs to Ram (Romeo) and Leela (Juliet). They two belongs to the two different casts which are blood thirsty for each other. Their rivalry is 500 years older and still stronger. They believe in blood for blood. Ram however is fond of love. His family business is to sell weapons but he runs his own shop where he sells DVDs of pornographic movies. He is Casanova by nature and his definition of love means a lot of physical love – sex – for him.

He stops his brother on the right time to kill a key person from the opposite side and resolves several conflicts. One day he decide to dare to visit the opposition area on the festival of Holi. Though he was marked with colors on his face, later he got identified by some of the opponents, but he slips away safely from there. Well, not 100%! He left his heart for the girl of the lady don (a kind of supremo of the opposition clan) – Leela. It is physical attraction and infatuation in the beginning for sure! Later over the course the movie progress, it gets converted into a rebel and till the end of the film, it becomes pure love.

However this journey was definitely full of ups and downs. Leela’s mother, Dhankor Baa already found a guy from London, to who she want to make handpack husband of Leela. Leela though already fall for Ram. Ram’s brother and Leela’s brother both hate each other. Ram and Leela’s love still blossom. Till, the day Ram’s brother was killed by Leela’s brother and Leela’s brother was killed by Ram in response of the same! Ram is no more a simple youth who lives happy-go-lucky guy, he is a killer now. He dragged into what he wanted to stay away from – the hate, the war, the fight, the bullets and the guns, the killing!

Will Leela hate him for killing her brother? What direction their love story will move ahead towards? Well, Romeo and Juliet‘s tale is famous so it is easy to guess, but the way it happens is better to see on screen.

The music (both background and songs) are plus point of the movie. The movie doesn’t loose it’s pace due to songs anytime. Though the second might felt a little dragged by some. If to talk about acting Ranveer Singh shows a lot of improvement in his performance from all aspects! There are scenes where he is simply brilliant and there are few poor scenes as well. Deepika is one of the finest talents and the movie proves it again. The traditional Gujarati dance and music is explored in the movie authentically and in pleasant manner. The lead pair performs on the Graba – traditional Gujarati dance – very convincingly. Even the pronunciations are proper.

Supriya Pathak carries forward acting legacy by her mother pretty well, like her sister, husband and other actors in her family. Almost everyone plays up to the mark. The director intelligently viewed the last day of “RamLeela” – the play based on Lord Ram’s life – when the statue of Raavan was burned – in the climax of the movie. The crowd with torches in their hand in the form of procession is a little more filmy.

The sets are authentic and so does the wardrobe. Art director intelligently made – Leela’s home – and her way to balcony to road, very European.

Overall a good movie to watch with some fantastic performances, good story, a little dragged second half, good music, nice visuals, and a famous love story grows in the background of gang-wars. Though you must remember that it is strictly for the mature/adult audience.

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