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Despicable Me | English Animation Movie | Film For Kids | Personal Reviews

We often said that making a movie for kids is not a kid’s job! If you want to delver a quality movie which is enjoyable and appealing at the same time and that also fit for the target audience (read, kids) is very tough job. There are a few such quality movies which are set as benchmark in the category for example The Lion King, Home Alone, Gulliver’s Travels (Jajanantaram Mamantaram in Hindi), Smurfs, Stuart Little, Lord Of The Rings, Narnia, Harry Potter and more…

It is interesting to see that most of these successful movies became a movie franchisee later, and its sequels, prequels and even remakes are made. We can classify Kids special movies into two categories or rather three.

  • Animation movies
  • Non-animated movies
  • The fusion movies (where animations or 3d characters interact with human actors)

We did watch one such nice movie for kids named Despicable Me recently and we found it worth sharing our views for the same with you all.

Movie :
Despicable Me
Producers : Chris Meledandri, John Cohen, Janet Healy
Directors : Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
Story By :
Screenplay By : ,
Studio : Illumination Entertainment
Distributed by : Universal Pictures
Music : Pharrell Williams, Heitor Pereira
Editor : Gregory Perler, Pam Ziegenhagen
Released On :
Voice Actors : Steve Carell (Felonious Gru), Jason Segel (Victor “Vector” Perkins), Russell Brand (Dr. Nefario), Miranda Cosgrove (Margo), Julie Andrews (Marlena Gru), Dana Gaier (Edith), Elsie Kate Fisher (Agnes), Will Arnett (Mrs. Perkins), Kristen Wiig (Miss Hattie), Pierre Coffin (Tim, Bob, Mark, Phil and Stuart), Chris Renaud (Dave, Billy and Larry), Jemaine Clement (Kevin and Jerry), Jack McBrayer (Carnival Barker), and others…

This is an adventure movie and the screenplay is written well. The most positive point of the movie is the well balanced screenplay in terms of emotions, special effects, actions and thrills. Though we found that the last half an hour is more dramatic and a little less gripping, the end is what it can be expected from such movies. The other positive factor is all the characters are given the weightage needed. The movie holds some fantasy stuffs at the core, which may not appeal much to the adults, but again, kids live in fantasy zone and like it for sure. In addition to writing team, the scatch artist and SFX team deserves the credits for a nice work. There are no human actors acted in the film in visual aspects, rather dubbing is done nicely by several well known figures.

Some of the not-to-miss scenes of the movie (not in chronological order) are:

  • Gru brings three little girls at his home and the curious girls starts touching and playing with the dangerous stuff found in Gru’s workarea. This interaction is a complete mesmerism. The dialogs, the expression, the background music, everything is top-of-the-mark.
  • Gru takes the kids to the fun-park (his intentions were different). How he takes over a fellow who play dirty with kids is a nice watch. Also his ride with the kids is something to watch!
  • The kids were intended to go to the dance classes but Gru want them to bring to a different location. Their debate is an interesting watch. We see that in real life also, we have to settle down to the conclusion, Gru goes with in the movie! The scene is edited fantastically and opens in the dance class. Gru’s promise to the little girl and reactions of all the mummies waiting there along with him – are definitely nicely filmed.
  • Not ready to read bed-time stories to the kids, Gru later went for the same. During storytelling it is good to see him getting irritated. Later he buries into his own childhood memories and gets emotional. This sequence is cool.
  • When the girls are in Gru’s home for the first time, during night, how Gru ask them to fall asleep and treat them – are taken from the real situations.
  • Later on how Gru gets bonded with the kids and spend time with them is a genuine watch. Also worth to mention is the step taken by his technical advisor who prepare gadgets for Gru is very practical (from his point of view). The reaction of Gru and the girls are all genuine.
  • A girl’s genuine query about the cloths and the stuff he do by putting them on – to the villain – is a nice watch.

All the above scenes almost tells the story, but we keep them to be non-linear and less informative. Some scene are intentionally not mentioned so when you watch the movie, your interest is not manipulated.

The story is about Gru, a conman (super villain) cum spy who is willing to perform the biggest con anyone ever have heard or thought about. He wants to still the moon?!! He is not alone in the race. He has a competitor. But Gru have some cool gadgets and weapons which can perform kind of miracles. One of his mischief with a competitor went wrong and he stole a very precious stuff from Gru by oversmarting him?!! Gru’s tries to break into the home (it is a well guarded with technical advancements and weapons) of the competitor. He then found three girls from an orphanage are allowed to enter his competitor’s place (the competitor love cookies and the girls sell them)! Gru thought of a plan and adopt the girls. He was intended to pass on cookie-robots via them to his competitor (who is now more of an enemy)’s place.

How his plans move ahead is the rest of the story.

The graphics are of good quality and the hardwork of SFX team is clearly visible. Also the background music and dialogs both are first rate. Some of the stuff is inspired from book-characters and movies. But it doesn’t affect movie quality in adverse way.

The movie is good as an overall package. Children will love the movie and adults will enjoy it too. A good watch for entire family in short.

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