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Delhi Belly Hindi Film | Bollywood Movie Review

Now a days the genre of the movie is changing fast, and sometimes ridiculously. I don’t know but might be the so called great thinkers in the field might have the idea that having funky camera angles and abusive language makes the film a piece of art.

By the way “Delhi Belly” is a nickname to a stomach infection which leads to diarrhea (read more about it here)

Movie : Delhi Belly
Director : Abhinay Deo
Starring : Imran Khan, Vir Das, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Poorna Jagannathan, Shenaz Treasurywala

In such case all the pornographic or low quality movies could have been the best art movies. Even in pornographic movies, they are not using so much of abusive stuff, or otherwise, they are definitely made for the adult audience. In the recently released Bollywood movies sometimes the abusive stuff goes disgusting and still the critics are showering the stars on that in the reviews. This changing face of the cinema and its analysts is not good for the society or culture anyway. A movie coming from Aamir khan production is not necessarily a great film. (It actually affects all the banners.) Delhi is now a days central part of so many movies (at least in the names). This film also have the same.

The film Delhi Belly have its own highs and lows. Some of the incidents are really a punch on the current situations. Eg. the boss of the cartoonist asking him to make the laughing banana cartoon, look more more laughing by adding 10% of more joy (and later 10% of less) to his face. A lot of employees (currently working and retired) find this scene pulled from the life directly. Where the boss is boss based on his luck and of money and have no technical or artistic sense or the centralized idea about the work or business, asks a really talented person to do something which is abstract or even void in several circumstances. This is the best scene of the movie you can say.

The film starts nicely, by moving around the three friends who are room mates also. Tashi (Imran Khan), Nitin Beri (Kunaal Roy Kapur) and Arup (Vir Das) all are living a carefree life which is sometimes irritating for the others. Tashi’s girlfriend Sonia (Shenaz Treasurywala) agrees to deliver a package for Vladimir Dragunsky (Kim Bodnia). Sonia then asks Tashi to deliver the package. (We never know why she agree the same, how she know him etc. etc.)Tashi, in turn, asks Nitin to do so. But Nitin is unable to do so as he is experiencing stomach infection and the duty is allotted to Arup by him. Arup who had to also courier the packet of stool for lab test, brings this packet and goes to deliver the same. Incidentally he sends wrong bottles to the wrong places.

Somayajulu (Vijay Raaz) – the gangster is the final and actual recipient of the package finds the wrong package delivered to him. Somayajulu calls Sonia, informs her about the mix-up and asks her to give him the address of the person who had delivered the package. When Tashi arrives at his apartment he notices that Somayajulu has taken the place under his control making Arup stand on a stool with his neck tied to a tie from the ceiling fan. Finally the package is discovered by them.

Is it over now? As the villain find his valuables, the trail should be ending. But no, the villain gotta knew that Tashi is associated with the press and he tries to kill him. At the same time the poor construction of the old apartment rescues them. The ceiling gets collapsed which was vulnerable due to the regular dance practice done on the same by the family living in the upper floor. They runs away from the place and tries selling the diamonds in the packet for the handsome amount, which they succeed with by changing their appearance. Though later Sonia is kidnapped by the goons who demand the diamonds. Tashi and team goes to the vendor they sold diamond to, they offered all the money back and demands diamond back. The vendor refused though. What will happen now? Will they ever be able to save Sonia? Will the things get settled as it was?

The actors tried well to justify their choises as the characters and it is shown in the performances. But, this is not the typical Bollywood film the people are habituated with. The abusive stuff keeps the family away from the movie plexes. Aamir’s item song doesn’t click at all. There are no melodious songs in the movies. Only Dk Bose which is famous and controversial, stands out from the others. Over all a movie with more downs then ups.

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