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An Interesting Interview with Ashutosh Jogia | An Author By Passion

Hi Friends,

Allow me to introduce Ashutosh Jogia. He wears multiple hats, we, however, came to know about him during our communication with him in the context of his third book – The Girl With Golden Thoughts. He is a doctor by profession and an author by passion.

Dr. Ashutosh Jogia With His Book - The Girl With Golden Thoughts

Dr. Ashutosh Jogia With His Book – The Girl With Golden Thoughts

From our team, I got a chance to read – The Girl With Golden Thoughts – and reading it turned out to be a pleasant experience for me. You can read my detailed views about the book at the link below:

Dr. Ashutosh Jogia works as a professor at Shantaba Hospital, Amreli, Gujarat – at present. Young and enthusiastic Ashutosh is a straight forward person who belongs to a typically humble and educated Gujarati family.

He is impressed by various authors, but, what he values the most is, simple writing. Rather than promoting himself as an intellectual with a fantastic vocabulary, he loves using day-to-day language.

When his parents insisted he should write something in the regional language Ashutosh decided to write a book in Hindi. And thus, his first two books were in English, however, this third book is in Hindi.

The Girl With Golden Thoughts (द गर्ल विथ गोल्डन थॉट्स) will remind you of a book by Chetan Bhagat or Surendra Mohan Pathak. He is a fan of Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Datta, Preeti Shenoy, Savi Sharma. It is for the readers to enjoy reading it and at the same time, you see the reflections of current happenings in it. The author himself says in the foreword of the book:

आप में से कई लोगों को इनको पढ़कर या मेरी किताब पढ़कर लगेगा की ऐसा तो मैं भी लिख सकता हूँ तो मेरा सुझाव यही रहेगा की बस उठा लीजिये कलम और शुरू कर दीजिये लिखना|

Yes, he is quite a humble person who loves to motivate people. And, the good thing about him is, he is not only academic or inspirational only, but he is also quite realistic too. He admires various qualities of Surendra Mohan Pathak, a famous Hindi writer, including writing of course, but, he likes the way Mr. Pathak kept doing his government job (yes, he worked with the telephone department) while kept writing. Dr. Jogia mentions this attribute explicitly in the book, in the forewords segment:

मैं भी एक डॉक्टर होने के साथ ही लिखता हूँ| और मेरा खुद के भी यही मानना है की पहले अपनी कोई अच्छी कैरियर बना लीजिए और बाद में ही लिखने पर ध्यान दीजिये| आखिर जब पैसो की फिक्र नहीं होती तो आप बिना डरे अपने विचार को प्रस्तुत कर सकेंगे|

It is one of the most valuable pieces of advice. By the way, he weaved mention of Mr. Pathak and his works in – The Girl with Golden Thoughts – as one of the protagonists got a “reading environment” while growing up and the books by Mr. Pathak were there in the kitty.

All these qualities made us curious to know more about Ashutosh, and what could have been a better alternative than an author interview? Yes, we have had a chance to have a Q/A session with him, and here we present the same.

Hi Dr. Ashutosh,
We are glad to have a conversation with you. Thank you for sparing some time to have a Q/A session with us. Your book “The Girl With Golden Thoughts” is quite an entertaining read. Please accept our congratulations for the same. Can you share more details about the response to the book?

Overall, I got a good response for my book. In the first week, almost 100 copies are sold (E-Book + Paperback). As a first-time author, I Can’t expect much better response.

Yes, I didn’t get much rating or response from reader about book and story but I am sure that among all who read this book, no one disliked it. (after all, it is human nature that if we like anything, we are lazy to review but if dislike, we are very quick to review.)

Please tell us more about yourself, your profession and your passions.

I can’t say much about myself because my thinking is that it is bad habit to do self-admiration. Still I want to say something. I am an introvert and don’t like to talk much.

Some people think I am egoistic because of not talking with them but actually I am not egoistic but I am not able to interact effectively in group. I can only talk when directly addressed to me.

Professionally, I am a doctor and working as a professor in medical college. But this does not mean that I don’t examine the patients. Actually, in medical colleges, every professor has a double burden, teach the students and manage the patients. But every doctor easily manages both these responsibilities. You can see that I also got time for writing along with professional & family responsibilities.

My passion is to read and write. I am a reader first and a writer next.

You’ve mentioned in the book a little about your growing up and family environment. Can you tell us, what draws your interest in writing?

Actually, I do not have much to say about my childhood. My father and mother both are doctors and my childhood was very secure and filled with joy.

As a bright student, I easily got admission in govt. medical college and passed without much difficulty.

I want peace, happiness and time for my family so I choose Preventive medicine for my Post graduation.

My interest in writing!!

When my MBBS internship was over in March 2013, I had almost six months without activity because of Supreme Court had taken time in giving a decision about NEET PG (first time in country). At that time, I decided to do some good work and wrote a short story about my experience in the internship. After writing it, I got confidence that I can also write but one person told me, “it’s easy to write a short story but not novel.” I had taken it as a challenge and wrote my first novel.

Can you tell us how the idea of writing “The Girl With Golden Thoughts” was conceived?

When I decided to write a novel after my Post Graduation, I was thinking many ideas of different genres, and almost four month was needed for deciding about a subject. It was a horror story. I had started it, but during the same time I got two short story ideas. They are also related to ghosts, and it hardly takes a week to write short stories about them, but after that, I think it is not good to write a horror novel now, it will give me an image of a horror writer. I would decide to write a novel in different genres and this story came to my mind.

It is said that a writer often expresses his/her feelings/thoughts and emotions through his/her characters (at various levels, of course). Do you think so? If yes, can you elaborate?

Yes, this is almost right. At the time of writing, every writer creates some characters for story and even if he/she doesn’t want, his/her own personality influence the character. Sometimes it is like him/her and sometimes completely opposite to him/her.

If I take my example, in this book, my protagonist Nirjra’s childhood story is having similarity with me.

First in academic but zero in other activities. Not having much friends and taken books as my friends.

The only difference is that I am sure that I will be a doctor but won’t do PG in such discipline in which my family life is destroyed.

On the other hand, Vyom’s characteristic is completely opposite; I am not Casanova and never being one.

Do you think that in the hustle and bustle of the life, we often need to sideline some of our passions, and there comes a time, a moment of signal which guides us to follow that passion?

No any signal. If anybody tells he/she wait for signal or sign, as per my opinion he/she is giving an excuse for the guilt he/she feels with not following his/her passion.

If it is your passion and you have time and resource for it, you definitely do it never wait for any sign or signal.

Can you tell us more about your writing regime? Are you a method writer or an impulsive one?

Actually, I am not a born writer. I tell you from the beginning.

Sometimes after reading a book, my thought is that writer thinks reader is foolish. The book is horrible and not having good story or message.

When this happens in novel and story is bad, the first thought that came to my mind was that had there been any twist and turn, which could have changed this bad story to good. And with such thinking for many books, I developed the story creation skill.

Whenever I start to write a book, first I only create points. Then I think about some interesting situations and where I can use them. Then I start writing as per point. When it goes further, some things are added and others are omitted.

Sometimes when I reach further, I had to change earlier writing also, but thanks to technology (computer), I can easily change the necessary things.

By the way, “The Girl With Golden Thoughts” is an interesting title for the book. How did you settle on this title?

To be frank, I don’t know. (It) Just comes in my mind and Looks great so I used it.

The book cover plays an important role in bookselling, were you involved in the book cover designing process? How much?
The Girl With Golden Thoughts (द गर्ल विथ गोल्डन थॉट्स) | Book Cover

The Girl With Golden Thoughts (द गर्ल विथ गोल्डन थॉट्स) | Book Cover

My publisher sends me covers and I suggest change(s). I want to tell you that it is almost 15 days and 15 different covers before, I approved this cover. I am thankful to my publisher that he doesn’t lose his mind and support me.

Getting your first book published is not an easy job. And, almost every author has to pass through a difficult time for his/her first creation getting published. Can you share your journey to get your first book published? And, how things were different in the case of this book?

You are absolutely right. But once the book is published, and get a good response, every author is happy and doesn’t want to talk about the problem he/she should face.

Every book affects its author in some way. How do you think, writing “The Girl with Golden Thoughts” affected you?

Books definitely affect the author. But in my case, it is not so much; I still sit on the same place, examine my patients & teach my students.

The only change is that those who know about my book look at me differently. (more respectfully)

Who are your favorite authors whom you love to read?

My favorite writers have changed with time.

In childhood: Jules Verne (It is understandable, you know) and yes one Gujarati author: JIVARAM JOSHI (he wrote books only for children).

In Adolescence: Irving Wallace, Surendra Mohan Pathak, Arthur C. Clarke, Jayant Narlikar.

At present: Not any particular author, read the synopsis and if it looks good, buy that book. But yes, some genres are my choice, thriller, romance, mystery and suspense, treasure hunting and science fiction.

But of course, Jivaram Joshi gave some fictional characters which are almost immortal for a generation who grew up reading them, like Chhako-Mako, Miya Fuski-Tabha Bhatt, etc.
Can you share titles of few of your favorite books?

The Seventh Secret, The scarlet letter, The naked face, Mr. Challenge (by Ved Prakash Sharma), Half Girlfriend,…

There are many more, but these are the names that I can remember at once.

And yes, one notable mentioned is Stories of Sherlock Holmes.

Which are the book(s) you are reading currently?

Not any specific at present.

Dr. Ashutosh Jogia With His Book - The Girl With Golden Thoughts

Dr. Ashutosh Jogia With His Book – The Girl With Golden Thoughts

What do you think about video trailers of the book(s) which are an almost inevitable part of marketing these days?

I don’t create a video trailer for my book. It is an inevitable part as you say but, my thinking is different.

It is helpful to create buzz, selling book but not to reach real reader who love to read.

The real reader never gets influenced by marketing. He will read the synopsis, rating and if found story or concept appealing, buy it to read.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Android Programming.

Do you love to read traditional printed books more or EBooks?


Printed books are my choice, if it is new. (as for your information, some Bacteria who produce disease in human body can be live in dormant stages in books for more than a year)

So, I never buy used books, If I can’t find a new print, I go with an eBook.

What are your opinions about various social networks and the way it can be used to spread awareness about some important cause around the globe? Do you think social networks these days help spreading awareness about such stuff and expose it at the earliest?

Social media is very important to spread awareness and rumor also. I advise people to be wise and don’t spread any message without knowing the truth. You have google. If you get any new information by social media, search in google, sometimes you found it is completely wrong, and know real things.

Did you grow up hearing moral and ethical stories from parents/grandparents? If yes, how it affected your persona?

Yes, from my parents. It is the most valuable thing to develop a specific persona of every person.

Do you think that we are gradually losing the tradition of hearing “moral and ethical stories” from the elders, and eventually it affects the social canvas?

Gradually losing the tradition, may you are right. Actually, new generation parent should have to understand that child’s mind developed with stories.

As per my thinking, one of the reasons for losing this is,

Parents don’t know or remember many stories for child, it happens but at that time they should buy the storybooks, read it themselves and then tell their child.

Please share your social media/web presence, so readers can connect with you.

Readers can contact me on my Facebook page and email.

Please share anything you want to from your end

No writer is born famous. There is one beginning for every writer.

I want to request every reader:

At least read a few pages of the books written by a new writer. Continue if you like it or trash it if you don’t like it. But don’t judge anything without reading.

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I hope you have enjoyed the Q/A session with him. And many of your questions might be already answered. Let us know that what do you think about this Interview session? Do you want us to ask anything else to heron your behalf? Do let us know. Also, let us know which other authors you like us to interview? Do let us know your thoughts and remarks via comments below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends over various social networks via Twitter, Facebook and others. And yes, you may like to subscribe to our RSS feeds and follow us on various Social networks to get latest updates for the site to land right in your mailbox.

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