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GiveAway 9 : January 2020

Hi Friends,

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and successful year 2020.

Here is one more book giveaway for our regular readers.

January 2020 Giveaway

We usually giveaway a book we have shared our views and reviews for. This time we decided to make a little change here. March (sometimes April) is the month for annual board exams for the student. And, we see the students, as well as parents and other relatives, are equally nervous about the same. As both SSC and HSC are very important examinations, it is easy for the students to worry so much and even getting depressed.

Well, you need to study hard throughout the year, and then give the exam without any tension. Sincerity and worry are two different things. While sincerity helps you doing your best to achieve your goal, worry often takes you through the way of negative thoughts. And, that is harmful, both for your career and health.

It is easy to say than done, of course.

This time we have decided to give away two copies of a book which should help students (and their family members) some worthy advice to keep the worries at the bay and remain positive. With age and experience comes wisdom. And, one of the most inspirational leaders of the country, Mr. Narendra Modi, the current prime minister of India, took the initiative to talk to the students who are to face board examinations every year. You may agree/disagree with the political inclination of someone. But when we talk about any task in isolation, it is just about that.

Exam Warriors - an inspirational and motivational self-help book for the students by Shri Narendra Modi

Exam Warriors – an inspirational and motivational self-help book for the students by Shri Narendra Modi

Shri Narendra Modi wrote a book named Exam Warriors, especially for the students, which was published in February 2018. And the book holds “#1 Bestseller” tag!

The book, in addition to containing some advice for the students (and parents), also includes some self-assessment and improvement exercises. We hope that the books will help the “giveaway winners” and others who read them, remain positive.

We are hosting this giveaway in January 2020 and will declare the winners by 15th February 2020, with a vision, that the winners will receive their copies before starting of March 2020 – the board exam period.

January 2020 – Book Giveaway

We also suggest the students and parents to remain positive and read/watch motivational and positive stuff to relax. The exams are indeed very important. But, just remember, the life is much more important.

We warmly invite you all to participate in this book giveaway and inform everyone in your friend circle, family and other groups, especially if you know that a child of the family is to appear (or re-appear) for the board exams this year. If the book helps someone remain positive and unload the pressure of the exams without compromising sincerity, we will be more than happy.

Over To You:

So are you excited about this giveaway?.

Do participate and don’t forget to read and follow all the rules of this giveaway.

If there is any other book you want to suggest in the same context, please let us know and we will consider it in future.

All the best!!!

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