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The Last Stand | Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Next Action Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger is loved by millions of his fans, especially for his action movies. He is the one who can be easily accepted by the people doing larger than the life roles. Related reading for you: Bullet To The Head | Upcoming Sylvester Stallone Movie The Last Stand – Hollywood Movie – Reviews Sabotage | Trailer | Upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger ... Read More »

Young Sherlock Holmes | Hollywood Movie Reviews

Sometimes the fictional characters got more popular than they are intended for. This popularity beyond the imagination, sometimes make the ego of the creator hurt. Related reading for you: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows | Hollywood Movie Reviews Elementary – An American take on Sherlock Holmes | TV Series Review Pilot Episode of Elementary | An American Take On ... Read More »

The Fighter | Hollywood Movie | Film Reviews

Life is a battle and hence one has to be a fighter. Probably this is the basic most rule which fascinates us towards heroic stories. A man’s struggle to achieve something is respected and considered as the source of inspiration. Related reading for you: The Bourne Identity | Hollywood Action Thriller Spy Film | Movie Reviews The Bourne Supremacy | ... Read More »

Commando | Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie | Hollywood Film Reviews

The 1985 movie, Commando is one of the most popular and loved movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger. John Matrix – the protagonist have made his everlasting impact on the people. Every youth who love watching English movies, cannot miss it. The wings and packs of Arnie, shown in the scene when he was sailing the boat, are amazing. Though the most ... Read More »

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island | Hollywood 3D Film | Movie Reviews

Some writers were much ahead of their time. The fantasy tales they wrote were having the science quotient also. Such creations are better known as Sci-Fi (or Science Fiction). Some of the remarkable Sci-Fi writers include Jules Verne, H. G. Wells and others. Jules Verne was a French writer and his original writings were in French only. He was arguably ... Read More »