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Wicked Storm: A Thrilling Ride (Sam Wick Rapid Thrillers Book 1) by Chase Austin | Book Review

We love reading thrillers. Especially when they are written in a gripping manner. So, when we were approached by Chase Austin about his debut short EBook Wicked Storm: A Thrilling Ride (tagline: Sam Wick Rapid Thrillers Book 1), we responded positively. He provided us the Ebook in exchange of a book review. And, we are happy about the decision.

We have a large number of books in our “to be read and reviewed” list, but his constant approach and the short-size of the book made us read it out of its turn. Fortunately, from our team, I got a chance to read the book and here are my unbiased views about the same.

Book Title : Wicked Storm: A Thrilling Ride
Tagline: (Sam Wick Rapid Thrillers Book 1)
Author :
Publishers : Self Published
# of Pages : 1879 KB, 47 (Kindle EBook)
# of Chapters : 5
Purchase Link(s) :

Let us have a look at the cover page of the book:

Wicked Storm: A Thrilling Ride (Sam Wick Rapid Thrillers Book 1) by Chase Austin | Book Cover

Wicked Storm: A Thrilling Ride (Sam Wick Rapid Thrillers Book 1) by Chase Austin | Book Cover

We firmly believe in the fact that “a book should not be judged by its cover”. But, at the same time, we also acknowledge the impact of a well-designed cover page on reading and/or purchase decisions.

Wicked Storm is a short EBook and is primarily written to show the expertise of the author in writing gripping thrillers, building suspense and execute various scenes convincingly. And, thus the cover page has to be “not very intriguing but eye catcher for sure. The use of light colors in the background and dark ones for the title makes the cover page simple yet effective. A man wearing a dark overcoat looking towards the city filled in with skyscrapers, showing his back to the readers, doesn’t give you much idea about the story.

Overall, the cover page is moderately good, it could have been better.

Usually, we talk about the plot of the book and share our unbiased views and reviews for the same in two clearly distinguished segments. For this book, however, we shall talk about the content and share our views in the same segment, as for a short story, revealing more than a specific amount of details lead to spoilers and it will impact the reading experience.

The story falls in the dark arena of crime and is thus should be read by adult readers (mentally) only. While the world is full of genuine people and positive aspects, it has negative stuff also.

An auction was going on and the participants are watching it curiously. That happens with every auction right? This auction is very different though. It has an association with the world of sex-trafficking and slavery, needless to say, its obvious association with other areas of crime.

When a fairly aged man enters into the wrestling ring to claim his won, not only the audience but also the organizers were also sure that he will be knocked out within moments.

What was being auctioned? Why the aged man entered into the ring? What will happen now? You can get the answers to all these questions in the story.

As said earlier, the story is written to introduce the special forces and its operatives who are going to play important roles in the entire book series. It is like introducing James Bond, British Secret Service, Spectre, and associates.

The book remains true to its genre. The author is in complete control of the story. He doesn’t go graphical for adult content and at the same time he explores the dark world very convincingly. The book is a nice page turner. Once you start reading the story it will grip you from the 3rd page till the end.

The book also contains a bonus read. Yes, first few chapters of the next full length novel featuring Sam Wick are included. This bonus read is equally gripping and reading it will make you curious about the upcoming book and you will surely want to read it.

Let me share a piece of writing from it:

What could you possibly offer the man who controlled not only your destiny but that of your whole country? The man who ruled with an iron fist. The man who had the Russian President on his speed-dial. The man who had once given the finger to the US president at a diplomatic convention.

You can witness the witty way of exploring the attributes of a character in the novel and setup the context as well. Some of the writings in the book will remind you of the conversation between the people from armed forces. The author seems to be a well read person who might be a movie buff too.

The author is good at exploring the scenes in a convincing way. Here is a line from the book I want to quote.

The president glared at him. Henrique said nothing. The President’s laser-focused stare was unsetting, making him unsure of his next steps.

There are several lines form the original story I am keen to share, but as said earlier, I am avoiding them to keep the spoilers at the bay.

The author is good at developing characters. The way he unwraps the layers of a character is simply gripping. And, the story doesn’t get slower during these explorations. This requires a balancing act which is very tough to achieve.

Writing a short story is a tough thing anyway. You get a limited number of pages to tell what you want. You don’t get much time to build the things and yet you have to be careful to mention the background of the incidents happening. The book passes on that aspect as well.

This Is Here In For You


It is a short yet gripping book which thriller lovers will surely enjoy reading

ThinkerViews Rating:

At least 7.5 out of 10.

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