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The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian | Book Reviews

Reading Ravi Subramanian‘s book is a delightful experience. Often referred as John Grisham of Banking thrillers, Ravi, weaves contemporary incidents and surrounding in his thriller very well.

The Bestseller She Wrote is a little different from all his other ventures in the way it explores the story. Ravi names his protagonist Aditya (another name of Sun, and thus Ravi), and he is vulnerable in most of the cases. The protagonist in Ravi’s book is always a banking professional. This time he is an author! But wait, let us say, he is an author too, in addition to being a banker!

The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian | Book Reviews

Book Title : The Bestseller She Wrote
Author :
Publisher : Westland Published: (19 October 2015)
# of Pages : 392 (Paperback)
400 – 566 KB – (Kindle EBook)
Purchase Link(s) : Paperback version from Amazon India
Kindle Ebook from Amazon India

The cover page of any book (or for that matter any media) plays a vital role in making its first impression. A remarkable amount of readers goes for a book by judging it from its cover.

The Bestseller She Wrote - Book Cover Page

The Bestseller She Wrote – Book Cover Page

The cover page of The Bestseller She Wrote is impressive. Use of cheerful yellowish background gives it a look of something fresh and worth exploring. Illustrated faces of the main characters along with a book – justifies the book title and thus the book content. I don’t understand though, that, why Aditya is shown bespectacled on the cover? Nowhere in the book, he is shown such. His persona is quite different. Maybe to give him scholar look the illustrator seems have added it.

Book Plot:

Let us take a bird’s eye view to the plot of the book. I will try to keep almost all spoilers at the bay, but a few might be there.

The book starts from the scene inspired by this real event.

Aditya Kapoor is a successful banker who has a passion for writing books. And this passion met with his skills as a writer to create a rare combination of talents, his book went on to become a bestseller. And then, he wrote another book and then one more,… and so far he wrote 5 books and all of them were bestsellers! So he is all set on the professional front. He got the money and fame both.

At personal front, he lives with his lovely wife Maya who is having her own career, but, the family is always the first priority for her. And they are blessed with a son to make their family complete. So yeah, he is all set at the personal end also. In short, he is on cloud nine.

Enter to the scene Shreya, a management student who is fond of reading. She loves reading quality literature and hasn’t so far read any book of Aditya!. Shreya and Aditya first met in an event arranged at Shreya’s college (where the things, on the stage, goes in very similar way, as shown in the real event above). And the meeting was more of an encounter than a meeting.

The things from this point moved in an unexpected way for all the main characters of the book. The following book trailer summarises the plot in a nice manner.

Views and Reviews:

The book is written in a nice manner. The characters are developed gradually and realistically. Ravi is really good at building characters, we must say. The journey of a person, falling from the top and recovering from there, is not easy to explore on a writing canvas, Ravi does it convincingly.

The other positive aspect of the book is the dialogs given to each character. While to avoid spoilers we cannot talk about many of them; but here are some of the nice lines we came across in the book.

Life is all about choices you make, isn’t it? I made one. Why regret it?

Remember this success comes at a price. The price you pay for is your self-esteem.

Aditya, irrespective of how big you become, it’s important to stay engaged with the media.

Once in my life, I shortchanged the person I love and look at the price I am paying for it.

Cheating is never a mistake. It is a choice.

In life it is always about the first time. Anyone who cross the barrier once can do it, with no scruples, again.

There is nothing off the record for the press. If anything has to be off the record, then keep it that way. Don’t say it.

Nothing in life can put you in an inextricable position unless you yourself want to be in such a position.

I have many imperfections, Aditya, but a bad memory is definitely not one of them.

There comes a point in time when the direction life takes is decided by the choices you make.

Unlike the courts of law, the matters of relationships, we all don’t look for evidence. We look for honesty.

If we allow others to take advantage of us, we lose the right to cry when they do.

There is more strength in forgiveness than in walking away.

You can see that some of the mentioned above explores the harsh realities of the life effectively, at the same time, there are some philosophical lines in the book as well. There are lines where composure, cunningness, wisdom, love, affection, deceive-ness, threat and other emotions are explored well. The author has a good vocabulary and he uses it well. The good thing is, the author, rather than writing dialogues to show his literary brilliance, wrote them in the language we use in day-to-day life.

As mentioned earlier in this review, Ravi is good at weaving real life happenings in the books. In this book, he weaved the stuff about Zika virus nicely in the story. And yes, he takes attributes (and even names) from the real life characters and then adds imagination to them. For an example, the name of police officer Ramesh Karia will surely give you some goosebumps.

The book maintains pace throughout and keeps you glued in thrilling events. Some twists and turns take you to the brilliantly written climax which happens in a book launch event in a quite filmy manner

The book is about an adultery and thus you will find some material written exclusively for the mature readers, making this book not suggestable for everyone.


A book, which follows a complete masala film path, it has everything expected by the mass readership. Good writing, realistically strong and vulnerable characters, good thrills and some exclusive for adults material is there in the book. If you love thrillers, you will enjoy reading – The Bestseller She Wrote.

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