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Rose: Future Heart By Jazalyn | Book Review

Do you love getting lost in the world of poems and poetries?!

It is a virtual world of emotions, sentiments and fantasies, that appeal many of us.

It is a well-known perception that emotional people are attracted towards it more willfully.

Of course, there are exceptions and we have also seen people who are considered of thick-skin, are also attracted towards it.

If you belong to the set of people who love elaborating poems and poetries, we have one more book talk about. And, you will find it interesting.

Recently we talked about a poems collection named vViIrRuUsS by Jazalyn.

Today we are going to talk about another book belong to the same genre by the same poet.

Rose: Future Heart, as the name suggest, is focused on the emotions of love and affection.

Cover Page:

Our regular rehears know our thoughts about book cover and its importance in book selling.

Of course, we do believe in the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. We consider it as a worthy advice.

At the same time, we also acknowledge a cover page’s influence in a remarkable number of purchase and/or read decisions. Because, the cover page makes the first impression of the book, attracting a potential reader or buyer, is its responsibility. If the cover page is eye catcher, it can bring a casual browser’s attention towards the book. And then, if he/she likes the book content/blurb, he/she can decide to buy/pick it or levee it.

Rose: Future Heart By Jazalyn | Book Cover

Rose: Future Heart By Jazalyn | Book Cover

As you can see, the cover page of Rose Future Heartis moderately good. Designed by Jazalyn, using elements from canva.com. The abstract elements and sparkling stars in the dark background is eye catcher for sure. The title – ROSE – is really well designed. This self made cover page has a scope of getting better.

The Book And Our Thoughts For The Same:

Usually, we talk about the storyline and our views for the book in two distinguished segment. However, based on the nature of this book, here we are merging both these segments together.

The definition of a poem or a poetry can be different for different people. Especially, when it comes to its quality. A masterpiece for someone may not be found that much attractive by someone else.

The author is very clear here. She wants to represent her feelings without hesitation. And, that is the USP of this book, as per my opinion.

The author says:

This rose
Is me:
The future heart
I always had…

These lines makes it clear that it is going to be romantic, sentimental and emotional journey forward.

However, the book contains some surprises also. For example,

We rise
And we fall;
We fall
And we rise;
In a time
That rise
Is the new fall
And fall
Is the new rise

What a beautify segment!? It is really inspirational and reminds us of the universal truth about the wheel of time.

The philosophy of life and spirituality are presented through these words, quite effectively.

And, the following lines are like toppings to this thought.

Past rose
In bad memories;
Hate rose
In bad feelings;
Future rose
From good moments;
Love rose
From good emotions

The way author move from “rise” to “rose” is quite poetic. It also gives another dimension to the book title also.

These lines are like quotes you may want to pin to your wall/dashboard.

Life is all about progress. Learn from the past, act accordingly in present and move ahead in the future. Not all your ideas, ambitions will get support from others. Sometimes, the best way to progress is walk alone. Not lonely. Supported by your own strengths.

The author says something interesting in these aspects:

I’m enough
For my im-possible dream
And there is
Transformation ahead
But how love fooled us again
To receive an invitation
From the beauty
In the beast?

If you want to be liked by everyone, you will be stopping your progress. This management lesson is also reflected from emotional aspect in this book.

I always wanted to be accepted by all
And if I choose side
I lose the other

This is harsh reality of life.

The author also shares importance of art in our lives.

I would probably never have developed emotions
If I wasn’t exposed
To music’s lyrics
To cinema’s romantic scenes

Majority of people around us will agree with it.

Another interesting block, I found in the book is:

There are too many liars
In this world:
Bring them all
To give a speech

Statistically it’s unavoidable:
Someone will confess
And then others will follow

The idea itself is fascinating, right?

And this is the change we are expecting in the society:

Because humans must learn
To be rewarded
For being moral
Not for being immoral

Here one of the most interesting couplet from the book:

You fill your mind;
You give your time;
You share your life;
You close your heart;

Love does that

Who can disagree?!

The idea behind quoting these lines from the book is to provide you glimpses of content and its quality, so you, yourself can judge whether it is the kind of book you love toe read!

I found it quite interesting. As you can see there is a wide spectrum of emotions explored and elaborated here. While it talks about ideal social environment, it doesn’t forget talking about harsh reality. When it takes you to the world of fantasy, it keeps its feet rooted on the ground of reality. It is uncommon to find such combination.

As always, the books from Jazalyn Art are found expensive and that may keep you away from it.


I like reading this book. It is a collection of poems in non-traditional format. The price is a challenging factor.

ThinkerViews Rating:

Around 7.5 stars out of 10.

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