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vViIrRuUsS: I Never Forget By Jazalyn | Book Review

A poem or poetry has a different meaning for everyone.

It is possible that a masterpiece for someone, may not be liked at all by many others.

Neither it reduces the importance of that specific poem even a bit nor reduces its quality.

It is all about preferences and likes.

Book Title : vViIrRuUsS: I Never Forget
Author :
# of Pages : 197 (Paperback) 200; 725 KB (Kindle EBook) 197 (Hardcover)
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Recently we came across a book which is written in a little unusual manner. We consider it a collection thoughts and feelings. In terms of literary aspects you can consider it as a collection of poems which we found worth sharing our views about. The book is vViIrRuUsS: I Never Forget by Jazalyn.

Cover Page:

Cover page, being a gateway to the virtual world explored within, is responsible for making the first impression of the book. And thus, it can influence a number of purchase/read decisions for sure.

vViIrRuUsS: I Never Forget By Jazalyn | Book Cover

vViIrRuUsS: I Never Forget By Jazalyn | Book Cover

As you can see, the cover page is simple. It serves its purpose without getting much attractive. The color used for the title is soothing. The background color is a combination of little hope and emotions. The few design elements used to support the design plays their role.

It could have been much better.

The Book And Our Thoughts For The Same:

Usually, we talk about a book in two distinguished segments. Dedicated each to the bird’s eye view of the book plot and our views for the same respectively.

The nature of this book is different, so, we are merging both these segments together.

The motto of the author behind compiling this poem-collection is elaborated quite clearly.

A virus invades the lives of all humanity and causes a madness pandemic from the reminder of the past and the exposure of thoughts threatening to change everything, but then another virus attempts to erase the memories and recover the future, while a third virus scopes to save the new generations.

We all had seen the impact of COVID-19 virus in not so distant past. We all are aware of the pandemic it has created and how the entire world has almost stopped functioning for a period. The chaos it created, the lives it claimed, the economies it disturbed and the lives it impacted,… all of these incidents are still fresh in our mind. And, that makes this collection more relevant.

I think, a reader will be able to connect his/her real life experiences/emotions with many of these poems quite effectively.

And, that. according to me, is the USP of the book.

The first question arise in any genuine reader’s mind could be, why the book is titled – vViIrRuUsS.

Well, the author here wants to represent the impact of the virus in a strong manner. So, each letter is mentioned in the small and capital case, twice.

The author elaborates:

The two viruses collided
And gave birth
To vViIrRuUsS
Whose goal
Is to recall the memories
Of trembling souls

A poet is a very sensitive person in real life. At least, in the majority of cases.

The expression of emotions is a proof of that.

And often, such sensitive fellows release lethal arrows coated with sweatness, that you can neither complain about it nor able to digest it, if you are the target.

Here is an example:

Put the mask:
Stop talking
Cover the crimes
And pretend you’re kind

See, how brilliantly the author has talked about the fake personalities of white collar criminals while referring to the protective masks we need to wear to keep the virus at the bay.

What more you need to call it a satirical punch?!

And author continues:

Clean your hands:
Filth is everywhere
Be moral yourself
And then corruption will leave

Giving a positive message to get rid of corruption!

It clears the dust for those who thought that this book/poems are all about the negative impacts of a vitus only.

Actually, from the heart of the darkest sky the shining rays of the Sun comes out. Overpowering the darkness. Presenting you the hope. Giving you new opportunities.

The author keeps spreading the message of hope and positivity.

Light must spread
To many more
For the possibilities
Of a better future

The following lines reminded me of the चर्पट पंजरिका स्तोत्रम् (Charpat Panjarika Stotram).

Still I fear
I haven’t seen enough
And I’ll never see enough
But it’s what keeps me going:
To reach the absolute enlightenment

When we start gaining knowledge with open mind, we start realizing how “little” we know!

Probably, the roots of spirituality are planted through such thoughts only.

At places, the author talks about the general human psyche. For example:

They all want
To be actors;
They all want
To be singers
To win awards
And be admired;
To attract
And be worshiped

True right?

We are finding our heroes in these areas and want to be praised and seen as a great person.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in to. If empathy and sensitivity is in your heart and you care about the greater good, it becomes very meaningful.

If I had to quote only one segment from the book, I will settle down for the following:

The breath of the Earth
is green


What an interesting way to spread “save nature” message?!

While there are number poems in this collection, and talking about each of them will lead to spoilers, I would conclude here. But, the quotes referred to so far, must have given you a fair idea about the book and its content. And, you are in a condition to judge yourself, whether you want to go for this book or not.

And yes, you will find it overpriced. Especially for Amazon India readers will find it costly at more than INR 400.


I found it an interesting collection of poems that covers a wide specturm of topic. A sensitive reader will enjoy reading it. The price could have been a deciding factor.

ThinkerViews Rating:

Around 7.5 out of 10.

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