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Dance in the Rain by Shreya Dutta | Short Book Review

Our regular readers know that we usually doesn’t talk about poem collections at ThinkerViews. However, recently we came to read some of them and thought that it would be worth to share our thoughts about the same with you all. In the same regards. recently we talked about a Hindi book – Ira Ki Kahaniyan (which is a children special book). Here is the quick link to the same:

From our team, I got a chance to read two books by Shreya Dutta, both are poem collections, named Dance in the Rain and Melodies of Spring: Volume – 1. Both the books (EBook) are provided by the author herself to share our genuine and unbiased views and reviews for the same. And here are the same for “Dance In The Rain”.

Book Title : Dance in the Rain
Author :
Publishers : Think Tank Books; Published: (17 April 2018) : Kindle
# of Pages : 566 KB 47 (Kindle EBook)
Purchase Link(s) :

Let us take a look at the cover of the book:

Dance in the Rain by Shreya Dutta | Book Cover

Dance in the Rain by Shreya Dutta | Book Cover

A carefree young girl, dancing her heart out in the rain, simply allowing to let go her black umbrella and let the rain enjoy her company; in a greenish background; the cover page is not less poetic I must say :). The cover page is really attractive.

Well, for poems and poetries, everyone has his/her own choices. And, it is quite possible that a poem considered as a masterpiece by one, can be a set of lines written flatly for the other. So, it depends upon one’s likes, choices and taste. This book is a collection of 34 poems with the print length of 47 pages. A typical reader may find the book quite costly too. It is obvious to compare the price with the number of pages available in the book and thus coming to that conclusion.

However, if you have the taste of reading poems and exploring the feelings through it, you will find this book interesting. Here are two obvious lines, I would like to quote from the book, which could have been the reason for writing this book and naming it “Dancing in the rain”.

For he who can’t bear the unbearable pain,
Has never enjoyed the dance in the rain.

It is our tendency to find some real connection between the lines and the poet. However, it may or may not be related to real incidents. So, rather it is better to read it for what it is, rather than trying to find its roots 🙂

Poets are usually very emotional fellows. Or should I say, one needs to be emotional to be a poet. Wait… I think one needs to understand the emotions and possess the skills to pour them out on the paper, to become a poet. Be it in movies like Devdas (and many others), we’ve seen the attachment of sadness with love. And, all the popular love-stories; Laila-Majnu, Romio-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha, Mirza-Sahiba,… are found incomplete! The poet tried showing the feelings of love and sadness through (less poetic) lines like:

I can’t bear to see you feeling hurt for hurting me
Unintentionally, because you know you can’t satisfy
My untold cravings. So I’m left with the only
Choice of turning away from you, saying, “Goodbye.”

Only a poet can use a metaphor where one can consider the broken pieces of a glass/clay mug as siblings 🙂

The broken mug that once served coffee,
Lays wasted behind its broken siblings,

The way Shreya talks about two opposite things in a single set of lines, is interesting.

The blissful rain trickled down my spine,
Making me shiver out of pleasure divine;

And the way, the social networking and Internet connectivity has influenced our lives, is also mentioned in one of the poem!

In the course of life I don’t know where I’d be,
I don’t know which road I’d turn or which path I’d bend,
But I know one person would always support me,
And that special person is my dearest Cyber Friend

And here are the feelings which most of the human beings feel at least once in his/her life.

I don’t know why I fail to pretend to be anyone but myself…

But, it is better to be ourselves, rather than pretending to be anyone else, what do you say?

So, by now, you should have got the idea about the quality and kind of writing you can expect in the book. As said earlier, it is strictly for the poem lovers. You will find shades of love and sadness both in the lines of this book. There are places where the author tries being realistic or explanatory rather than being poetic, and it may make some readers to like/dislike the poem(s) more. Some, may found the poems related to their own state of mind or can connect it with some of the past experiences. But, the experience will be different for different readers.


Overall a nice collection of poems which is little costly. If you have passion for poems and poetry, you will enjoy reading it.

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