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Ira Ki Kahaniyan by Pranav | Book Reviews

Recently we got a chance to read a small Hindi Book named Ira Ki Kahaniyan (इरा की कहानियां) meant for kids. The book is provided by the author’s team and I am glad that I got a chance to read this short book. As always, the views and reviews mentioned here are personal and unbiased.

Book Title : Ira Ki Kahaniyan (इरा की कहानियां)
Author :
Publishers : Notion Press Inc.; Published: (12 April 2018)
# of Pages : 58
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You don’t come in touch with a book with a substance. While the childhood is considered as the best period of one’s life, it is one of the most precious as well as the most fragile period also. The personality of a future citizen is developed during this age and he/she got to get the firsthand of the society. The image or prejudices made at this age remains there almost throughout the life, and thus, the parents needs to implant the right emotions, morals, ethics and attributes of humanity into the growing ups.

That’s why, not only in the Indian way of living, but almost in every culture, the children special tales, poems and stories are found. At one end they are full of entertainment attributes and at the other they convey a message. Be it PanchTantra, Amar Chitra Katha, Hitopadesha or other tales, they all came to existence to spread the wisdom.

This book, Ira Ki Kahaniyan, is a small gesture of author in the same arena.

Let us take a look at the book cover.

Ira Ki Kahaniyan by Pranav | Book Cover

Ira Ki Kahaniyan by Pranav | Book Cover

As you can see, the book cover is quite attractive. An illustration of a very young girl dancing with the joy, having blue background (though the shade drags towards purple) having little stars gives an impression of the fantasy world. The glossy finish of the cover page makes it durable and gives it the touch of richness as well.

There are 12 small poem cum tales explored in this book. Here are some of the interesting lines I’ve found in the book.

धीरे-धीरे हम बढ़ेंगे
और बनेंगे अच्छे इंसान

It is said that with the child, the parents also grow up. For the wise and responsible parents, it is a positive change and they became more mature, wise and responsible. And, they want their child to be a better citizen to make the society even a better place. While everyone wants to give the protected environment to their child, it is also essential to let him/her understand that one needs to dream about the better world and better future, and at the same time, one needs to put in hard work to turn those dreams into the reality. There are some fantastic lines about hard work and dreams in the book (which are repeated on page 35 as well).

Below mentioned lines are simple yet they contains deep meaning. While, it almost became a tradition to wish the people on the new year and take some pledge for the sake of it. If we want to do something really good or important, the day doesn’t matter. As each day brings new opportunity and a chance to seize them. Children probably understands this better (unconsciously).

नए साल का पहला दिन
होता शायद खास है
मैं छोटी हूँ समझ न पाती
मेरा हर दिन खास है

How can one miss the real meaning of festivals and why they needs to be celebrated, mentioned in the book in light manner?!

होली है मेल-झोल का त्यौहार
कड़वाहट भूलो कर लो प्यार

In addition there are poems about Independence day and family outing.

On the whole, the poems are good. You may notice lack of grammatical attributes (like full stop), but the book is not written for the literary purpose. The binding of the book is quite good and so does the page quality. The typefaces are good too. As expected the fonts are bigger and left enough space between the lines. The illustrations by Spandan Ghosh Chaudhury requires a special mention, as it makes the book more attractive, especially from the children’s perspective.

I found the price of the book quite high. However, I am informed that the Book proceeds go to “CRY-Child Rights and You”.

The stories are explored in 35 pages and 11 line drawings are given which a child may like to color and enjoy.


On the whole a nice and small Hindi Book which contains family, love and value oriented short stories written like poems. The book price is quite high and the paper quality is good.

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