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Webmaster Arrested For Providing Illegal Music downloads in India | News

Crime never pays, this famous saying which was often sidelined by the people doing mistakes online. Actually, sitting within a closet or a room or office might be giving them the feeling of being safe, but the real world outside is the reality and the rules exist there. Now a days there are a lot of websites provide free download of MP3 files, movie movie torrents, games and pirated software too.

Despite knowing that piracy is illegal people often goes the way as it is one of the easy way to drive traffic towards the website or weblog (blog); and of course they mp3 cds/dvds are available cheaply and easily. Now a days the Digital Rights Management is taken by the companies seriously as the piracy affects in millions of dollars overall. Even in past, T-Series took Youtube.com to the court for having the content copyrighted to them (T-Series) available on youtube (for free of course); which was affecting the sale of the company. Youtube took necessary steps later. The stuff happened in 2007 and you can read the full final settlement details here.

Those who are allowing these kind of stuff (read: webmasters running such websites) need to understand the stuff and call off any ventures they are running which challenges the law of piracy. Recently (on Jul 2, 2001) one engineering student was arrested from Gujarat for running such websites by Mumbai Police Cyber Cell (Ref: Indian Express). The youth was running such sites which were let the visitors download MP3 files for free; and hence had been doing Music Piracy. Let’s believe that this incident would be eye-opener for other websites which are promoting or running this kind of stuff and will do the needful stuff to stop the same in timely manner.

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