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Summary Of Tim Cook’s Commencement Speech at George Washington University

A good society need to pay attention towards the process of preparing future citizens. This preparation includes making them ready to face the real world as well converting them into better citizens (if not ideal) to make the society a better place to love.

Education is all about skilled development and not just earning a degree by passing some exams.

We believe in : सा विद्या या विमुक्तये ||

And we know that if anything can be taught to someone, that is by example. People often tends to follow what they are seeing rather than what they are told.

We have built the education system to provide various level of education in various streams. Based on the skill set, ability and interest; different fellows choose different stream and level of degree to earn. But whatever they choose, it is their target. And when one achieves the target it leads him/her to immense joy and pride.

And after achieving the target, there comes the time when one has to leave the secure environment of school / college / institute and do some real work in the real world. The real world is actually different from whatever the student have visualised during his/her school / college days.

To make the students ready for the real world and to inspire them to do great things, it is a tradition to call upon a remarkable achiever to the convocation ceremony to address the commencement. Such commencement speeches are a great source of inspiration, words of wisdom, motivation and studded with real results.

The George Washington University invited Tim Cook to deliver the commencement speech to the graduates of class of 2015. Timothy Donald ‘Tim’ Cook (born November 1, 1960) is an American business executive, and is the CEO of Apple Inc. (And this is enough to know his abilities, right?)

Here is the commencement speech video available for everyone:

Tim starts his speech by remembering the importance of the Washington DC in the history of America. He mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King‘s historical moments in the city. Same way he remembers former US president Ronald Reagan as well. And yes he mentions qualities of another former US president Jimmy Carter too. And how can we expect Tim’s speech to end without mention of his memories of another inspirational fellow, Steve Jobs 🙂

Summary of the speech:
  • Things may be (mis)represented to you at various points in your life. You need to figure out for you that What is true? It is an important process which leads you in the life.
  • Quality is a right.
  • Doing the remarkable job doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your humanity.
  • The process of discovering yourself, inventing and re-inventing yourself is earnest. It is about finding the values and committing to live by them.
  • Find your north star, your choices. Some of them are easy, some are hard, and some might be questionable.
  • There are various ways to change the world for better, you have to figure out your way to contribute.
  • Don’t just think about improving the things for yourself, consider improving things in the lives of others as well.
  • Work takes a new meaning when you feel it is pointed in the right direction. Otherwise it’s just a job, and life is too short for that.
  • Great progress is possible in whatever line of work you choosing.
  • There will be critics and cynics staring and commenting from the sideways, but follow your vision and goal.
  • We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people. (Dr. King)
  • No matter what you do, the world need your abilities and hard work.

So, this is what, we think is a great take-out from this remarkable speech. What is your opinion?

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