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Steve Jobs Passed Away | An Era Ended

In a sad note, Steve Jobs, the legend who presented the world the magic in terms of technology passed away. We wish his soul get ultimate rest. He will be remembered forever for his contribution.

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  1. Laurene Powell Jobs, the better half of Steve Jobs (I would not like to call her a widow, coz Steve is still alive in the memories, feelings and of course – the world of gadgets); is joining the board of trustees at Stanford University.
    Steve Jobs have given his remarkable speech at convocation ceremony of the same and the university shares a special connection with him
    And remember, Laurene is herself having a great career with her, she is not only the shadow of her husband. You can read more about her at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurene_Powell_Jobs.

  2. Each one who meet with birth have meet the death, this is the ultimate truth. But not everyone lives a remarkable life that people miss them after they bid adieu forever. Steve Jobs is one such fellow. In the small time span, the official tribute page to him at http://www.apple.com/stevejobs/ have received more than a million tributes, and continue…

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