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Online Shopping Sites In India | A Personal Review

After long schedule of efforts and planning, Amazon have entered the Market of India. Though they haven’t launched something called amazon.in or amazon.co.in but with the name junglee.com.

The Indian consumer market is considered of billions of $s and no sincere companies could risk avoiding the market. Right now the ECommerce marketplace in India have some remarkable names like FlipKart, Crosswords, LandMark (A Tata Venture) and of course E-Bay, (Well we may include IndiaPlaza, IndiaTimes, BagItToday and even Rediff in addition to other names as well). So does these site will face a tough competition anyway?

Well, the consumer of today is smart to choose the better option of course. Amazon is the great name and all but the offers they are going to provide may make the different. I am a Bookworm and movie buff you can. So when I am planning to purchase it I definitely cross check the prices at online stores before ordering. Say for example if it is a book, I usually get Crosswords giving the better value for money (why call cheap offer!) but I check LandMarkOnTheNet, FlipKart etc as well. And if they offer something below 20% discount, I will not got for that, because as the regular customer I will get that at my local bookstores also!

Remember, price is not the only factor but the consumer also want the better service for the money as well. There E-Bay rocks! They care to satisfy both, the customers and the vendors too, effectively. The support of CrossWords / LandMarkOnTheNet is also good.

Sometimes the availability of the stuff and payment options the E-Store provide, makes the difference too. If you are looking for something which is not that common, InfiBeam is the better choice. They offer a good varieties of payment options too. But, as per the personal experience when you raise the questions or post a query, do not expect a prompt reply. May be the service became better in last few months. But, a customer always go with his/her initial experiences. Apart from that InfiBeam services and offerings are good.

So the verdict here (for case of purchasing a book online in India) If you are purchasing a book, Crosswords delivers is faster then others. If you cannot find the book there, try LandmarkOnTheNet, try FlipKart then, and then Infibeam.com. (Though different people may have different experiences with different vendors).

I have visited Junglee.com and didn’t found much attractive offers which can make them a strong competitor of the established Indian E-Commerce companies, so far. But of course, it is backed by Amazon and it may or will be launching some promotions and offers soon to attract people.

We look forward to the same.

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