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newspapermap.com | Webiste views and reviews

People used to collect the newspaper as one of the first task in the morning and read it while enjoying the tea! The scenario of course not changed the most. But the online newspapers are getting widely popular. It is because they are accessible anywhere. Usually people traveling or living in foreign countries find it as boon. They can get aware with the latest happenings from the remote location. Apart from searching for the newspaper Internet via any popular search engine or just entering the URL of the newspaper’s website is sufficient to get start with.

How if the newspaper website list is available to choose from? We do need to remember the website URL or need to search for the newspaper then. Though the idea will be even better if the links are available as embedded in the world map. A website named http://newspapermap.com does the same. You want to get know the newspapers being published in New York? Fine, click on the links available on the map of new york and you are done. Want to search for the news papers published in Germany or India? No problem, you can find them easily.

Almost all leading newspapers around the world are available to explore. We even found the newspapers published in the regional language available on the map. And the marker contains information about the respected newspaper along with link to the website of the same, making out jobs easy.  The site is worth visiting.

Image curtsey: http://newspapermap.com/


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