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Jobs (A Film Inspired By Steve Jobs) Movie Trailer Is Launched

Steve Jobs was definitely a geek, a visionary, a human being who made a difference. He remains in news even after a long time he passed away, it shows the importance of whatever he did during his lifetime. There are books written on them, including an official biography.

There is a movie named – Jobs – being prepared since a while and is in the news since then. Of course, there are controversies to be expected to associate with it. That is why we refer it as the movie inspired by Steve’s life, not based on his life.

Aston Kutcher is playing Steve Jobs and there are number of other character (like Steve Wozniak for example) to be seen in the movie, who made a difference.

Movie : Jobs (styled as jOBS)
Producers : Mark Hulme, Marcos A. Rodriguez
Director :
Joshua Michael Stern
Writer :
Starring : Ashton Kutcher (Steve Jobs), Josh Gad (Steve Wozniak), Dermot Mulroney (Mike Markkula), Matthew Modine (John Sculley), J. K. Simmons (Arthur Rock), Lukas Haas (Daniel Kottke), Victor Rasuk (Bill Fernandez), Eddie Hassell (Chris Espinosa), Ron Eldard (Rod Holt), David Denman (Al Alcorn), Ahna O’Reilly (Chris-Ann Brennan), John Getz (Paul Jobs), Lesley Ann Warren (Clara Jobs), Nelson Franklin (Bill Atkinson), Elden Henson (Andy Hertzfeld), Lenny Jacobson (Burrell Smith), Kevin Dunn (Gil Amelio), James Woods (Jack Dudman), Brad William Henke (Paul Terrell), Giles Matthey (Jonathan Ive), and others…

Here is the official trailer of the movie, which made public recently.

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