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Ellen DeGeneres’ Commencement Speech At Tulane University | Words Of Wisdom

We often talk about various inspirational commencement speeches as we found the essence of real life experiences in the same. They not only motivates one but often inspire one to make reality check before doing things blindly.

Following one’s own heart and vision is definitely a good thing, but, if not reality checked, it may lead to a complete disaster. And the price one need to pay is really big. And, not taking any risk will not take you anywhere! So a balanced approach is needed.

Today we are going to share our thoughts and what we have found important (in summarized manner) from the commencement speech given by Ellen DeGeneres at the Tulane University. 57 year old Ellen Lee DeGeneres (she was born in 1958) is having a long successful career. Though she is famous for her work as television host, she is multi-talented. She is a notable actress, producer, writer and a comedian!

Throughout the speech you may see her signature style of speaking. Often you may find the words are having very thoughtful meaning and her expressions are different.

It is very nice of Tulane University to make this commencement speech video available on the public domain of YouTube.

Here are some key points from her address (in our words):

  • Things happen in life with purpose.
  • Sometimes you pass through tragic incidents and you start losing courage to fight back. If steps taken properly at that time, you may find it giving a new meaning to your life.
  • Believe in your abilities and give your thoughts the strength of your ability.
  • If someone haven’t ever walked onto the path, it doesn’t mean you cannot walk on the same!
  • Secrets often make you to live in fear (of being exposed anytime). Living honestly as an open book makes you to live freely and enjoy each moment of life.
  • Don’t always live thinking about other’s opinion, if your vision is different it doesn’t mean you are wrong. If you are not doing any harm to the rest of the world (in broad meaning), if you are not doing anything wrong, don’t worry and live it your way.
  • As you grow, you will find priorities in your life are changing, and so does the meaning of many words (eg. Success).
  • Be true to yourself.
  • Be positive about the future.

Please remember, it is not word to word translation from speech-to-text (i.e. transcript) of her speech. If you want to read complete transcript, here is one good link you would like to follow: http://gradspeeches.com/2009/2009/ellen-degeneres.

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