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Cycle Sharing Project In Rajkot, India | Way to Save Health and Nature

Recently I came to know about a good concept, Cycle Sharing Project running in Rajkot (Gujarat, India) and found it worth sharing with you all.

CycleSharing Project - Control Cabin B

CycleSharing Project – Control Cabin B

We all are familiar with the consequences of what we have done with the nature. It is our responsibility to let the Mother Nature remain healthy.

With growth, the urbanisation is unavoidable. Which leads to rise in the transportation services. When there are long distances need to be covered in short time, we cannot even think to avoid having vehicles, right?

This requirement of lifestyle leads us to many problems, including but not limited to health and environmental issues.

There are various ways to address them.

One such way is use of Cycle (aka Bicycle) when and where possible. It is eco-friendly, generates no pollution, consumes no fuel and helps you keep fit too.

Again, as said, it is not a viable solution always, based on the time, distances and other aspects.

What if you have a facility where your can park your car or bike, pick a cycle and finish some work in the near by area (or just do cycling for a few minutes), return the cycle, pick your vehicle and continue your routine?

With the same concept in mind, various cities in various countries run Cycle Sharing projects.

Rajkot is one such city from India, which have such project initiated (and is in trial mode we can say).

As of now the project have a limited scope. It’s outlet available near the Race course ground having a few cycles. This is a famous place of the city where people from entire city come to address healthy life style. The entire Race Course ring road’s one side is blocked for any vehicles in the specific time frame in early morning. It makes the road available for walkers and joggers dedicatedly.

In morning and evening time you can find people walking, jogging, cycling and/or performing various sports activities (there are many sports grounds and gyms around) in area nearby.

This project is a good option for them, as well. In morning you will see a lot of people parking their cars/scooters and try cycling. The same happens at lower rate in evening too.

The project is in trial mode and hence for the first month you can borrow the cycle for free for two hours!! You need to present one of your ID proof (original) and submit it at the counter and you will get a cycle (all the cycles are new). You can return the cycle within two hours and get back your ID proof. It’s that simple!

For any additional hours there are charges of INR 5.00. From the coming month though hourly charges are going to apply but then also it is a good choice.

CycleSharing Project - Rules

CycleSharing Project – Rules

Considering 3000-4000 INR price for a quality bicycle, you can find it even a cost-effective option to do cycling throughout the month for just INR 150 (considering 1 hour daily at INR 5.00).

It is good project and people’s response is really good too. We wish that more such projects are followed by many other cities to address health and environment issues altogether.

A Cycle - part of Cycle Sharing Project

A Cycle – part of Cycle Sharing Project

The project is also visioned for a lot of future improvements and features.

Do you know about any similar project worth mentioning?

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