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Barack Obama’s Commencement Speech At Arizona State University | Words Of Wisdom

Barack Obama is an example of inspirational success. He rise from a layman to the president of USA and his life story is explored so many times. He was the one who addressed the commencement speech at Arizona State University to the class of 2009.

Here are the glimpses of some meaningful findings from the same; with the hope that it will motivate the readers to achieve their best.

  • It doesn’t matter how much you have achieved or how much you succeed, there is always more to do, always more to learn and always more to achieve.
  • Despite achieve a remarkable milestone in your life, despite being rightful to be proud, you should not rest.
  • Me first approach have problems. It definitely works for some in terms of their definition of success, no doubt. But it distracts you from what is truly important. It may lead you to compromise your values and your principles and your commitments.
  • The commitment to do what is right is the measurement of real success. Do your best to keep the integrity and be honest to your efforts and the end results.
  • Don’t think about the short time gains but rather think in broad way and you could or would be part of a major success which is to be proud not only for you but others too.
  • Considering the material gains as the measurement of success may lead you to the situation where you seat back relax by considering that the goal is achieved but actually your instincts oppose the feelings. And despite having the need to do better, apply more efforts you may become lazy.
  • You need to keep on getting new skills and keep yourself ready to face new challenges and new opportunities will arise.
  • The imagination, skillets and qualities of young people drives the nation and a young person cannot be determined by his/her date of birth. The quality of mind and heart; willingness to follow the passions is what make you young.
  • Be successful not only for yourself but for others. For the people who desperately need your success, rise to their needs.
  • The body of work is never done, its on going. You have to contribute your best each day and you will be making difference and of course achieving success.
  • Acts of sacrifice and decency, without thinking in the regards that what is in that for you; lifts up the society.

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