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Safari Magazine | October 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

The October 2013 issue of Safari – a science and knowledge magazine from India is out and here are our personal informative reviews about the same. The cover page contains the illustration of International space station giving us the hint to have a detailed article about the same inside. The Earth in the background looks good. The inside cover page have a photo of a Volkswagen car silo (a parking apartment equipped with modern technologies). You should not miss a brief information about the same. The high resolution photo is eye-catcher. It is the last cover page which contains the ... Read More »

Safari Magazine | September 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

A blue whale coming onto the surface vertically – is what you see on the cover page of September 2013 issue of Safari – science and knowledge magazine. This time let us start from the “All About” article which starts from the last cover page. (The back cover page also continues dark blue theme as this article is also related to the water). This time the magazine brings in a very detailed article on INS Trikand – the stealth battleship of Indian Navy. This 7 page article is embedded with photos, illustrations and feature table. The comparisons between Yamato – ... Read More »

Safari Magazine | August 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

The cover page of Safari – a science and knowledge magazine from India – August 2013 issue, gives a look of a nature oriented magazine! The inside cover page has a fascinating high resolution picture of Bill-clattering White Stork. August is the month of festivals in India. This month this time contains the major festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtami. There is one more important festival approaching this month; the Independence Day of India. It was after many sacrifices by true patriots, so many fighting strategies and numerous war the country got the Independence from the British rule. So an ... Read More »

Safari Magazine | July 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

So the schools are open, the monsoon is arrived (with a major bang) and yes, the latest issue of the knowledge magazine – Safari – is also arrived. Here are our personal reviews for the July 2013 issue of Safari magazine. The cover page show the snowy tops of mountains and people tracking there. It is about an article related to one of the biggest victory of mankind against tough conditions and odds, the conquest of Mount Everest, the highest point on the earth. The article title suggests that it is not just another tale about how the Mt. Everest ... Read More »

Safari Magazine | June 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

The vacation time is at its last segment and the monsoon is also approaching in near future. The month of June 2013 is progressing and we are keen to review the fresh magazine issues of this month for our readers. June 2013 issue for Safari – a knowledge and science magazine from India is out and here are the details for the same. The cover page is with blue background showing the face of an Egyptian mummy. We know it is the face of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun (also known as King Tut). The heading also suggest to have an article ... Read More »

Safari Magazine | May 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

Having a killer animal photo on the cover page gives the May 2013 issue of Safari – a science magazine from India, a look of a nature oriented magazine (Is it a Chittah? or Tiger? or any other animal from Cat family? – Well read it to know it). It is the article about the species loosing their existence. We will talk more on that, a little later. The inside cover page contains the MegaPixel photo as usual. This time it shows the magnificent view of Millau Viaduct. The UFOs and ETs were talk of the world during a specific ... Read More »