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The Expendables 3 | Official Trailer Released | Upcoming Movies To Watch In 2014

The Expendables 3 | Official Trailer Released | Upcoming Movies To Watch In 2014

Recently we took a note that two big guns of Hollywood – action genre – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are both doing movies in full throttle. The time reminds us their golden days when we got to see several of their movies releasing on regular interval. After the release of The Expendables 2, Stallone started working on the 3rd installment of the same franchisee and now it is progressing as per the schedule. The official teaser trailer of The Expendables 3 is launched and already viewed for more than 2 million times on YouTube! The scheduled release date of ... Read More »

The Silver Castle by Clive James | Book Review

“The Silver Castle” by Clive James is an attempt to describe life in Mumbai as seen by a foreigner. Set in and around the bollywood of ‘90s, the story certainly had potential. Book Title : The Silver Castle Author : Clive James Publisher : Random House (First U.S. Edition) Purchase Links : Buy The Silver Castle from Buy The Silver Castle from We meet Sanjay in a slum of Mumbai, who happens to visit a film set called “The Silver Castle” while he is very young. Soon after, he deserts his family and becomes one of the numerous ... Read More »

Life Of Pi | English Movie | Award winner Film | Personal Reviews

Making a movie is definitely a very tough job. Making a quality movie which is entertaining and thrilling is tougher. And making a movie from a book is even tougher. Because in book when the things are explained, it is the reader’s brain who visualize the stuff. Movie : Life Of Pi Producers : Ang Lee, Gil Netter, David Womark Director : Ang Lee Based On : Life Of Pi by Yann Martel Screenplay : David Magee Musician : Mychael Danna Cinematography : Claudio Miranda Editor : Tim Squyres Studio : Rhythm & Hues, Fox 2000 Pictures Distributed By : ... Read More »

Commando – A One Man Army | Bollywood Film (2013) | Hindi Movie Reviews

Vidyut Jamwal starred Hindi film – Commando – A One Man Army – is in talks since a while. It is claimed that Vidyut performed all his stunts himself, and apart from a “20000 feet jump” all the stunts are real! No computer graphics used! Remember that before a couple of decades, Ajay Devgan rise on the silver screen with a bang and was one of the major attributes of the enhencement in fight-choreography and action sequence. Akshay Kumar used to perform his stunts. Being an martial artist he was comforable doing the same. Actually, we can add names like ... Read More »

Chashme Baddoor | Bollywood Film (2013) | Hindi Movie Reviews

Chashme Baddoor is a popular movie from the old time and it is often considered as classic. A movie by Sai Paranjape, with real life characters and simple drama revolved around them. I remember when Mr. Narayan Murty was interviewed by Farooq Sheikh on the Hindi TV Show – Jeena Isika Naam Hai, Mrs. Sudha Murty specified that they viewed Chashme Baddoor and liked it! Now it seems to be the remake era. Be it RamGopal Varma Ki Aag or Himmatwala, some remakes disappoint us. And on the contrary, there are remakes like Devdas (made several times), Mother India (was ... Read More »

Colombiana | Action Thriller Movie | English Film | Views And Reviews

Action thrillers movies are usually considered as a safe bat in terms of box office. If you have good ingredients mixed up in good proportion, something riveting in the story and some death-defying stunts the film usually does good at the box office. Colombiana is having the star power as well. After the success of Avatar – Zoe Saldana – is famous universally. And like we believe in action by Carrie-Anne-Moss after Matrix, people will believe same (if not to that extent) for Zoe, after Avatar. Zoe is playing the protagonist and the entire movie is revolving around her. There ... Read More »