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Commando – A One Man Army | Bollywood Film (2013) | Hindi Movie Reviews

Vidyut Jamwal starred Hindi film – Commando – A One Man Army – is in talks since a while. It is claimed that Vidyut performed all his stunts himself, and apart from a “20000 feet jump” all the stunts are real! No computer graphics used!

Remember that before a couple of decades, Ajay Devgan rise on the silver screen with a bang and was one of the major attributes of the enhencement in fight-choreography and action sequence. Akshay Kumar used to perform his stunts. Being an martial artist he was comforable doing the same. Actually, we can add names like Sunil Shetty to the list as well.

Movie : Commando – A One Man Army
Director :
Dilip Ghosh
Produced by : Vipul Shah
Music By : Prasad Sasthe
Cinematography : Sejal Shah
Editor : Amitabh Shukla
Distributed by : Reliance Entertainment
Released On :
Starring : Vidyut Jamwal, Pooja Chopra, Jaideep Ahlawat, Jagat Rawat, Ishita Vyas, Darshan Jariwala, and others…

Vidyut is just two films old in Bollywood. His debut film was Force – where he played Baddie against John Abraham and now – Commando – A One Man Army. In one of the poster he is seen having a tree trunk on his shoulder. Remember the entry of Arnold in his praised and successful action movie – Commando?

Well, let us see if we think that the movie will live up to the success Arnie received via Commando!! Well, to be brutally honest, it cannot. But action lovers find it really entertaining, no two thoughts on the same.

If to talk about other cast members, Pooja Chopra played female lead and Jaydeep Ahlavat is the main antagonist. Jaydeep creates the impact he is expected to.

The movie tells us the story of Karan Veer Singh Dogra, a para commando from Indian army. During a routine training venture, his chopper got crashed in the Chinese territory and he was captured. The Chinese army doubt that he was there on a spy mission, as the remaining of the chopper was not found! Actually there was heavy raining that day and stuff was floated from there, but there is no evidence. Indian army officer was ready to provide internal training records and other stuff to Chinese government to save Karan, but the minister in charge was not ready to do that. He on the contrary ordered the army officer to remove all the records of the captured commando Karan, to avoid any political disputes with China.

Thus, proven wrong on his claim, Karan was tortured brutally in the prison (the chair scene will remind you the similar scene from Casino Royale). The scenes here will make you recall Rambo movies.

On a day when he was being shifted to other place, he were able to escape from Chinese army. (Now don’t question like, why he was, despite being high-profile and and under strict security scanner, was being shifted in open jeep, and was not tied in!, also do not question that after being tortured for one year, why he was having so much energy left in his body that he can overpower the soldiers in the jeep. ) His hairs are properly combed and and beard was trimmed as well – not like James Bond – Pierce Brosnan – who had a long beard developed when captured by opponents and taken into custody for long.

There is a town named Dalerkot in Himachal Pradesh between the way from the Lepcha border to Kinnaur to the army base of Pathankot. The town and the area surrounded was living under threat of Amrit Kanwal Singh (who named himself as Ak 74) a politically backed goon. He runs so many medical stores where he mix the drugs in antibiotics. Which result into the next generation being dependent on drugs. AK doesn’t have eyelids but he can watch, however this get-up makes him fearful. He wanted to marry Simrit Sarabjit Kaur, daughter of now de-throned famous and genuine political leader of the area. His aims are to get political respect of course. The police is on his side as well. Simrit however was not ready for this marriage.

The only way she found to remain alive and live as per her wish, was to escape from AK and his goons, who put 24 hours surveillance on her. She tried escape but was cornered as a bus stop. Where she accidentally ran into Karan and while crying for help. Karan asked the goons to leave her. However the they didn’t. There burst a fight between the goons and Karan and Karan obviously overpowered them. Simrit, forced Karan to escort her till they left the premises of area under power of AK. However on the way to Pathankot, the bus in which they were traveling, was stopped at the Andheria Bridge. Here seeing the typical situation, Karan in stead of fighting AK and his men, played a trick and jumped into the river with Simrit. After both of them being alive from this high jump, Karan decided to go via Jungle, in stead of approaching to the road.

Now the cat-mouse race begins between, Karan and AK. Will AK with all his resources be able to capture Karan and Simrit? Well, rest of the story will tell that.

It must be said the stunts are adrenaline-pumping and convincing. Vidyut worked in stunt choreography as well. What he lack is emotions. When it comes to action he is amongst the best, but when it comes to acting and dialog delevery, he is unable to stand tall. This is the film which will help him grab some more action flicks in his bag, for sure. Pooja is good, if you consider this is her first movie. She tried playing Basanti kind of role. She needs to work on many aspects, and it seems with genuine efforts she may be able to polish her performance. Well, you will find so many references of English movies, so do not try comparing with Rambo and other movies. You might have seen these scenes before, but not in Hindi movies. Even the climax makes you remember Rambo, but don’t do it (to enjoy the movie). A hero is incomplete till he have competent villain, Jaydeep plays his part well. Some of the SMS he reads to irk tension-free time, are already known though.

The climax is well controlled in terms of attributes of the characters. The background music is good. The locale are portrayed on the celluloid pretty well. The movie has its own ups and down, as mentioned. Dialogs are competent.

Overall, a movie for action-thriller lovers. You can watch it once, happily.

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