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2014 Zodiac Horoscopes For Kindle | Free EBooks On Amazon India

It is said that Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is the present to us! And we (well, majority of us) like the mystery and explore and solve it. We see the rise of interest in people to know what the new year brought for us and what possibly could be our fate, with the start of each new year. The astrology is a science which let people explore it at some extent by analyzing various factors. Zodiac Horoscopes are one of the most popular way in the same regards. The GaneshaSpeaks team – have made ... Read More »

thisiswhyimbroke.com | A Very Different Kind Of Online Shop | Website Reviews

There are several websites which offers something unique and you need to visit it to believe it. thisiswhyimbroke.com falls in that category. Of course, this is not the essential website, which you must visit. But at your leisure, you can visit to see some interesting offer. The site not only provides a good way to kill free time with enjoyment, but also makes you think about some interesting, some weird and some attractive stuffs available to purchase; which you don’t think of otherwise. There are some disgusting products, some not-usable-in-daily-life products and some pretty cool products available to explore. The ... Read More »

A Viral AD Campaign By Google | Tech Happenings

A Viral AD Campaign By Google | Tech Happenings

How can you advertise a search engine? That also for Google, a synonym of search engine? And that too in a way which go viral? But Google launched an advertisement of its search engine with the theme Reunion. The advertisement video got 9,518,685 hits in just 3 weeks (and counting)!! This video teaches us some very basics of the marketing – touch the heart of the viewer. And here are some more in the same series following the above one… Recently we have published an article about how Amazon comes with new and effective ways to serve customers. That also ... Read More »

Amazon Prime Air | Introducing Future Of E-Commerce

Amazon Prime Air | Introducing Future Of E-Commerce

Doing a business is tough thing. Doing something innovative and path changing and taking it to the top is tougher. Being on top by continuously updating various aspects of the business is even tougher. Amazon.com is the pioneer of E-Commerce and despite of having several tough competitors it is still considered as one of the most reliable ones due to the service they provide. And to provide the best service, one needs to use the resources and technology at the best. This is what Amazon does. Recently team Amazon have posted a video on YouTube, regarding its – Amazon Prime ... Read More »

Rs. 500 Off On Kindle E-Book Readers | Offer Ends On 4 Dec 2013 | Updated

Book lovers have a new reason to be happy! Yes, Amazon Kindle is available at slashed rates in India for limited period! A few days ago we informed you regarding Amazon offering Kindle E-Reader at the discount of Rs. 1000. The offer is already ended on 30th November, though. But, as Amazon came up with new offer for Kindle E-Book readers, the products are available at slashed rate of INR 500. If you love reading E-books then you can purchase Kindle E-Book readers till 4th December 2013 to avail this offer. Here is the quick link for your reference: Another ... Read More »

Rs. 1000 Off On Kindle E-Book Readers | Offer Ends On 30 Nov 2013

We love to read books and E-books are definitely the new way of reading. There are various E-Book readers available in the market and if you go for quality and ease of reading even in sunlight – Amazon kindle is definitely the solution you want to go for. Amazon India offers flat Rs. 1000 off on various versions of Kindle for limited time (remember, it was introductory offer by amazon, which they run through when launched Indian marketplace). The offer ends on 30th November 2013 to be precise. So those who are keen to buy and E-Reader and want to ... Read More »