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Yahoo! Inc got a new CEO | News

In a press realease on 6th September 2011, Yahoo! Inc., the Sunnyville, California based, Internet giant have announced “Leadership Reorganization”.

During the process, the board of directors appointed Timothy Morse as the interim CEO of the company, effective immediately. In other words current CEO Carol Bartz, is out with the immediate effect as the CEO of the company. She was informed by Yahoo! chairman Roy Bostock late Tuesday of the board’s decision to let her go. which ended her 30-month tenure as CEO. Timothy is the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the company as of now. It is interesting to know that as Timothy is the “interim” replacement, as said by the company, the company is still in the process to find a permanent replacement. Timothy may retain the position or may we hear another fellow taking over the duties of the CEO. Though he will continue doing is duties as the CFO, during the phase. IT industry have seen another change in the major top-level organization board (CEO to be precise) after Steve Jobs, in small period of time.

The newly appointed interim CEO said “It is an honor to be selected for this role and lead the Company with this world-class team of executives. I look forward to working with the Executive Leadership Council and the talented employees of Yahoo!, and to partnering with the Board to invest in the organization and continue to drive its ongoing growth plans.

Let us look forward to see what impact it makes to the IT industry and but of course how the stock market reflects the same.

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  1. Marissa Mayer keeps restructuring the staff by new appointments. In the list of newly joined staff, one more name is added. Jacqueline Reses is the new appointment. She is appointed as executive vice president of people and development and have to report Marissa directly. It is worth to note that before joining Yahoo! Reses was working at places like Apax Partners.
    It is also worth to note that David Windley who was the head of HR department have left Yahoo! soon after Marissa’s joining.

  2. It is also worth to note that her decision to appoint a new CMO when the current CMO is on vacation lead some ill feelings and comments as well. For example this Business Insider article represent similar views.

  3. Well, Marissa Mayer completed more than a month and hit the news for several times. Which includes the possible package she was offered. Well, whatever she might get for her talents, is something in between herself and the company hired her. We like you to know that apart from some of the people at some key positions left Yahoo! during the period and some new recruitments are also there. The latest in the list is Former Lockerz CEO & Amazon VP Kathy Savitt, who is appointed by Mayer as CMO. She will be joining on 14th Sept 2012.

  4. Yahoo! Inc. have chosen its new CEO. She is Marissa Mayer. A long time Google executive, age 37. She is one of the best choices Yahoo! can have, as she is young and having the flair of innovations and good at management. the announce was made on 16 July 2012, to be effective from the very next day. Here are some facts about this San Francisco based Marrisa Mayer.
    She was the first female employee hired by Google, when she have joined the company in 1999 (there she was associated with Gmail, Google Search, Google Images and Google News at various degrees).
    Sher was named to Fortune magazine’s annual list of America’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Business in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 (gradually progressing towards the top in the list).
    Yahoo is having strong competition nowadays for all of its product. Yahoo Maps is a lot behind Google Maps, ditto for Yahoo Search. Yahoo mail is a good product due to its user interface, but for free accounts it is not giving IMAP/POP/SMTP access, which Google provides; make it behind in the list. Yahoo was never having a problem with the number of users but the product quality is what affected it largely and Yahoo did shutdown a lot of service including but not limited to Search APIs, Live Streaming, Webmaster tools and many more. May be the product quality is where they should concentrate more.
    Will Mayer, expecting a baby in early October; deliver the quality to the Yahoo! as well?! Well, we hope so and looking forward…
    What do you think?

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