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Mahabharat | Animated Movie | First Trailer Launched

Mahabharat is definitely greatest epic the mankind have ever had. There is almost all circumstances, situations, people, incidents and other attributes found in the epic which exist in the real world. Be it a television adaptation of the epic or a movie based on the epic, it is always interesting to see it. As the epic is so known by a lot of people, it is always challenge to bring it on celluloid. But, it also gives an opportunity to the maker to show what he think about this great epic on the screen!

So it is basically a mixed feeling of thrill, excitement, buried under expectations; while making, promoting and releasing a creation which is based on it.

A new animated film – Mahabharat – is coming to the theaters on 25 December 2013. The official trailer of the same is launched recently by Pen India Pvt. Ltd. on YouTube for public.

What people will find interesting is the appearance of various Bollywood actors as various animated character of the epic; and it will make them to watch the movie, as an additional factor.

Here is the trailer for you:

Will you going to watch the movie? What you like the most in the trailer? Do let us know your thoughts via comments below.

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